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840090.pngLuxury HeadphoneA wireless headphone with amazing sound quality.Loot from Advanced Supply BoxCannot be Synthesized
60030.pngShey's Uniform HatUniform hat of Dark Elf Shey.Acquired from (Annihilation) Mission CubeCannot be Synthesized
850040.pngDemon Wing HeaddressDemonic Wings radiating dark energy.Purchased from the KP Shop for 500 KPCannot be Synthesized
850010.pngCat EarsLarge cat ear shaped hair accessory.Purchased from the CP Shop for 25,000 CPCannot be Synthesized
60040.pngApostle of Greed Wing OrnamentWing ornament left by the Apostle of Greed.Acquired from (Raid) Mission CubeCannot be Synthesized
850000.pngAmy's Sibyl Hair RibbonAmy's sibyl hair accessory when she was an Ancient KurtzPel.Acquired from the Costume Accessory Select CubeCannot be Synthesized
60000.pngEnsher's Commander HatEnsher's commander hat. Its design expresses the dignity of a leader and cuteness of a girl.Affinity gift from Ensher RenhartCannot be Synthesized
850050.pngBunny HeadbandA cute bunny ear headband.Loot from Advanced Supply BoxCannot be Synthesized
60010.pngCrim's Theatric Top HatCrim's Idol Hat. It may look flashy, but it's great for stage.Affinity gift from Crim PlieCannot be Synthesized
850020.pngKitty On Your HeadA kitty that sits on your head.Loot from Advanced Supply BoxCannot be Synthesized
60020.pngMarian's Large Fox EarsMarian's large fox ears. It is designed with Marian's preference in mind.Affinity gift from Marian VendorCannot be Synthesized
850030.pngAngel Wing HeaddressAngelic Wings radiating holy energy.Purchased from the KP Shop for 500 KPCannot be Synthesized
840100.pngSettia's HeadbandTrickster Elemental Settia's invisible headband. This item can have stats but will not be visible.Purchased from the KP Shop for 1,500 KPCannot be Synthesized
850060.pngBattlesuit HeadsetA Battlesuit Headset filled with energy from another dimension.Acquired from the Battlesuit Outfit Set DLCCannot be Synthesized
50050.pngKnight of Calamity HornsKnight of Calamity Horns is pulsating with chaotic energy.Acquired from Knight of Calamity CubeCannot be Synthesized
60050.pngApostle of Greed HaloHalo on top of the Apostle of Greed's head.Acquired from (Raid) Mission CubeCannot be Synthesized
50060.pngLime's Holy Knight Uniform HeadbandLime's Holy Knight uniform headband.Affinity gift from Lime SerenityCannot be Synthesized
60070.pngHalloween Witch HatHalloween Party Witch Hat Event Synthesis180410.png Halloween Candy x40
• 150 CP
60060.pngHalloween Pumpkin HeadHalloween Party Pumpkin Head.Obtained through the Halloween Challenge EventCannot be Synthesized
850080.pngKing Dragon HornsHorns that holds the immense power of the King Dragon. Design by [SA] WanderyenAcquired from the King Dragon Accessory Set DLCCannot be Synthesized
180006.pngWinter Preparation Delivery BoxIt's getting cold. It's time to prepare for winter! Maybe you'll see more winter products come winter...• Loot from Karma Supply Boxes;
Event Synthesis
180003.png Twig x15
180002.png Yarn x15
• 150 CP
970004.pngRudolph's HeadYou better not cry in this.Acquired from the Christmas Rudolph Accessory Set DLCCannot be Synthesized
180505.pngSanta's HatSo that's what was inside the box!• Loot from Christmas Gift Box;
Event Synthesis
180006.png Winter Preparation Delivery Box x1;
• 150 CP
180503.pngSanta's BrowsLet's look like Santa!• Loot from Christmas Gift BoxCannot be Synthesized
960184.pngChaser's Accessory BandanaA very common Chaser bandana.Loot from Advanced Supply BoxCannot be Synthesized
180378.pngBrooch BeretA school uniform beret decorated with a brooch.Purchased from the KP Shop for 500 KP;
• Received from the Lovely Package
Cannot be Synthesized