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Affinity is a system in KurtzPel where you can grow closer to NPCs by completing certain objectives. Currently the only way to obtain an NPC's affinity is by meeting them randomly after completing dungeons or PVP matches and selecting the right prompts.

When you meet an NPC after a dungeon/PVP match you'll have to interact with them by selecting the right speech prompts in order to obtain new keywords. Obtained keywords can be checked in the respective NPC's affinity menu and it will provide a certain amount of affinity.

There are 5 levels of affinity, which are:

  • Lv.1 Met Before
  • Lv.2 Friend
  • Lv.3 Close Friend
  • Lv.4 Trusting
  • Lv.5 Soul Mate

Increasing an NPC's affinity will give you rewards based on their karma expertise, such as longbow skills from Lire Eruel or equipment from Ensher Renhart.

Hero Chaser Activity

After certain periods of time (usually around one hour after using it), a prompt appears allowing chasers to track a certain NPC's whereabouts. Talking to Ensher Renhart in town will give you the option of picking which NPC you want. After doing so, the mission map will highlight a dungeon or pvp mode where that particular NPC will more likely to appear.

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