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Blazing Fist

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Gauntlet Karma

Uses fast approach and hold skills to grab and attack the enemy or create attack opportunity for allies.

Breakers focus on interrupting enemies attack.

They have comparably weak ATK but have higher DEF.

Physical ATK 2/5

Physical DEF 5/5

Magic DEF 4/5

Action Endurance 4/5

Action Speed 4/5

Endurance Break 5/5


Basic Combos

Combo Description Video
Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png   Basic Attack
Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Rightclick.png  Jump.png   Energy Blast
Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Stop.png  Leftclickhold.png  Leftclick.png   Multi-Stab
Leftclick.png  Rightclick.png  Rightclick.png  Rightclick.png   Rise Hit & Grab
Rightclickhold.png  Stop.png   Recharge & Grab (Hit)
Rightclickhold.png  Bothclickhold.png  Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png   Combo Charged Blow
Wasd.png  Wasd.png  Leftclick.png   Rush & Kick
Jump.png  Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png   Jump Attack
Jump.png  Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Rightclick.png   Drop Attack
Wasd.png  Wasdh.png  Rightclick.png   Full Speed
Wasd.png  Wasdh.png   Rush

Advanced Combos

Combo Description Video
Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Rightclick.png  Jump.png  Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  
Wasd.png  Wasdh.png  Stop.png  Leftclick.png  Jump.png  Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  
Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Stop.png  Leftclickhold.png  Avoid.png  Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Rightclick.png  Jump.png  
Rightclickhold.png  Stop.png  Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Rightclick.png  Jump.png  
Rightclickhold.png  Leftclick.png  +  Stop.png   Leftclick.png  +  Stop.png   Leftclick.png  +  Stop.png   Avoid.png   Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Rightclick.png  Jump.png  


Unique Karma Crystal (Q)

Description Video
BFUK1.png Devoted Awakening

Increase determination to ultimate status and causes explosions when attacking for a certain duration.

Level Effect: Increase Endurance and duration.

BFUK2.png Shooting Star

Becomes a Shooting Star that drops at rapid speed and deals great damage in target area. (Can drop immediately with additional attacks while skill is in use.)

Level Effect: Increases movement duration, damage, and cause Stun to enemies in drop zone.

Karma Crystals (E,R,F)

Description Video
BF1.png Ultimate Heat

Focuses energy to the fist and engages powerful strike. Effect becomes stronger based on energy collected, and you can engage follow-up attack.

Level Effect: Increase damage.

BF2.png Great Retaliation

Engages powerful area attack that can breakdown enemy's stance after certain period. Skill is activated immediately when attacked while casting.

Level Effect: Decrease damage received while skill is active. (Activate immediate attack with additional attacks while skill is in use.)

BF3.png Instant Chase

Throw Orb of Energy to target. You can track the enemy after hit by the Orb.

Level Effect: Increase damage.

BF4.png Great Rush

Grabs the target and drags it on the ground, then runs and throws it in the air. You can track the enemy after throwing it.

Level Effect: Increase Rush duration. (Can throw the enemy immediately while Rushing with additional attacks while skill is in use.)

BF5.png Dance of Wild Flower

Engages fast Combo attacks with punch and kicks.

Level Effect: Increase damage.

BF6.png Great Wind

Grabs the target's leg and spins it rapid and throws it in the air. You can track the enemy after throwing it.

Level Effect: Increase spinning duration. (Can throw the enemy immediately while spinning with additional attacks while skill is in use.)

Passive Skill

BFP1.png Ignite Passion

There's a 5% chance of Action Speed increasing by 50% for 3 seconds if attack is successful.

BFP2.png Activate Identity

Endurance is increased by 50% when character's HP is below 30%.

BFP3.png Fighter's Attitude

STR and WIT is increased by 10%.



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