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CP Shop

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The CP Shop is an in-game store that allows you to purchase various cosmetics and weapons using CP. You can access this shop by visiting Crim Plie in Erthesia next to the Supply Box.

Items for Sale

LogoIcon.png   Weapon   LogoIcon.png
IconNameTypeCost (CP)
510080.pngRookie Chaser Wooden SwordSword Taliah40,000
520090.pngSteel LongbowDance of Wind40,000
530110.pngVine StaffDiabolic Witch40,000
540110.pngLeather GauntletBlazing Fist40,000
550100.pngTraining Dual SwordDual Soul40,000
560160.pngSteel Giant HammerSacred Guardian40,000
180375.pngDelivery Box Elemental BusterFallen Light40,000
SC 180495.pngLandscaping Soul ScytheRuler of Darkness40,000

LogoIcon.png   Costume   LogoIcon.png
IconNameTypeCost (CP)
810000.pngLong-Sleeve T-ShirtTop Piece15,000
810010.pngShort-Sleeve T-ShirtTop Piece30,000
810020.pngLong-Sleeve ShirtTop Piece30,000
810030.pngLong-Sleeve Knit Top PieceTop Piece30,000
810040.pngShort-Sleeve ShirtTop Piece30,000
810050.pngSleeveless Turtleneck T-ShirtTop Piece30,000
810060.pngSleeveless ShirtTop Piece30,000
810070.pngLong-sleeve Frill ShirtTop Piece30,000
810100.pngDress JacketTop Piece30,000
810110.pngShort Dress JacketTop Piece30,000
810120.pngRunning ShirtTop Piece30,000
810140.pngLayered T-ShirtTop Piece30,000
820000.pngPleated SkirtBottom Piece30,000
820040.pngLong SkirtBottom Piece30,000
820060.pngCotton ShortsBottom Piece30,000
820070.pngCotton Bottom PieceBottom Piece30,000
820090.pngCargo PantsBottom Piece30,000
20020.pngOfficial Chaser UndergarmentUndergarment50000
910000.pngShort Leather Glove (R)Right Hand15,000
910010.pngLong Leather Glove (R)Right Hand15,000
910020.pngLong Party Glove (R)Right Hand15,000
910030.pngLayered Bracelet (R)Right Hand15,000
910040.pngWrist Band (R)Right Hand15,000
920010.pngShort Leather Glove (L)Left Hand15,000
920020.pngLong Leather Glove (L)Left Hand15,000
920040.pngLong Party Glove (L)Left Hand15,000
920000.pngLayered Bracelet (L)Left Hand15,000
920030.pngWrist Band (L)Left Hand15,000
930010.pngDerby ShoesShoes25,000
930020.pngLaced Up BootsShoes25,000
930040.pngUniform ShoesShoes25,000
930100.pngCheckered Wooden SandalsShoes25,000
LogoIcon.png   Accessory   LogoIcon.png
IconNameTypeCost (CP)
850010.pngCat EarsHair-Top25,000
840010.pngCherry Blossom Hair PinHair-Bottom25,000
860000.pngHair BandFace-Top25,000
870000.pngGas MaskFace-Bottom25,000
880020.pngLarge Ribbon TieNeck25,000
890010.pngWinged CapeBack25,000
900010.pngChain BeltBelt25,000
LogoIcon.png   Unique   LogoIcon.png
IconNameTypeCost (CP)