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IconNameDescriptionAvailabilityMarketableTradableSteam Market
100020.pngCalamity's CapeA cape imbued with the spirits of Calamity.Loot from Reappearance of the CalamityNoNo
100010.pngGarganta's WingsWings of Garganta, the Giant Demonic Beast.Loot from Appearance of Giant Demonic BeastNoNo
890030.pngVanguard CloakA Cloak for Vanguards charging at the forefront of battle.Acquired from the Vanguard Combat Suit Set DLCYesNo
100000.pngMarian's Wizard CapeWizard's cape worn by Marian. It's part of Tirion Mage Guild's uniform.Affinity gift from Marian VendorNoNo
890000.pngCuddling CatCute and spotted cat that stimulates desire for cuddle.Loot from Karma Supply BoxesYesNo
890010.pngWinged CapePremium cape that glitters with metallic wing.Loot from Karma Supply BoxesYesNo
890020.pngGold Lion CapeCape with gold lion insignia, the symbol of authority and braveryLoot from Advanced Supply Box (Costume);
Loot from Basic Supply Box (Costume)
100030.pngCommunity Partner’s CloakA special cloak made for Community Partners to commemorate their hard work.Acquired from the KurtzPel Partner ProgramNoNo
890040.pngSilver Wing Knights CloakA cloak for Silver Wing Knights, the pioneers of new regions.Acquired from the Silver Wing Knights Costume Suit DLC;
Rewarded as compensation for purchasing Karma DLC(s)