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Category:Fallen Light

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970023.pngRookie Chaser Elemental BusterBasic Elemental Buster issued to a KurtzPel when they first join the Chase.Acquired during Fallen Light unlockCannot be Synthesized
970024.pngOfficial Chaser Elemental BusterElemental Buster issued to an Official Chaser who advanced to a higher rank through Probatio. It allows Chasers to use powerful karma.Fallen Light Synthesis180280.png Energy of Harmony x32
180390.png Probatio Mark x32
• 420 CP
180375.pngDelivery Box Elemental BusterElemental Buster made to look like a fragile delivery box.Purchased from the CP Shop for 40,000 CPCannot be Synthesized
960190.pngFallen Light Elemental BusterFallen Light Karma's Official Elemental BusterReward for reaching Probatio Season 2 Level 50Cannot be Synthesized
970085.pngSurvival Hunting Elemental BusterAn elemental buster made for survival in the wild.Purchased from the KP Shop for 800 KP;
• Received from the Survival Hunting Weapon Select Cube
Cannot be Synthesized
EB 180406.pngDemon Hunter Elemental BusterA demon hunter's Elemental BusterPurchased from the KP Shop for 800 KP;
• Received from the Demon Hunter Weapon Select Cube
Cannot be Synthesized