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OB 180626.pngRookie Chaser OrbBasic Orb issused to a KurtzPel when they first join the Chase. It's useful for rookie Karma users.Acquired during Soul of Magus unlockCannot be Synthesized
OB 180628.pngOfficial Chaser OrbOrb issued to an Official Chaser who advanced to a higher rank through Probatio. It allows Chasers to use powerful Karma.Soul of Magus Synthesis180280.png Energy of Harmony x32
180390.png Probatio Mark x32
• 420 CP
OB 180634.pngLibero's OrbAn orb that can be used for volleyball.Purchased in CP Shop for 40,000 CPCannot be Synthesized
OB 180636.pngSurvival Hunting OrbAn orb made for survival in the wild.Purchased from the KP Shop for 800 KPCannot be Synthesized
OB 180638.pngDemon Hunter OrbA demon hunter's OrbPurchased from the KP Shop for 800 KPCannot be Synthesized
OB 180654.pngSoul of Magus' OrbSoul of Magus' Empowered OrbReward for reaching Probatio Season 4 Level 50Cannot be Synthesized
SC 180423.pngElaum Soul ScytheA Soul Scythe forged with a rare ore called Elaum. Event Synthesis180000.png Elaum Ore x1
• 420 CP

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