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Chasers Trapped in the Past

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Chasers Trapped in the Past
Mode Repeat
Players Party
Difficulty Normal
Rewards AP +100
CP +100

Chasers Trapped in the Past is a two player Real-Time mission. It is a harder difficulty version of Elf from Runaway Island: Remaining Memory.


Eliminate the Wind Guardian


Hints and Tips


Epics (Repeat)
Ethan - Great Sword of Northern Kingdom Chase (Increased Security) ▪ Suspicious Awakening (Belated Resurrection of Golems) ▪ Repeating Tragedy (Reappearance of Leorgea)
Lire - Elf from Runaway Island Tied Down Land Delasa (Intrusion of the Dark Elves) ▪ Essence of Tree of Life (Attack of Giant Black Cougar) ▪ Remaining Memory (Chasers Trapped in the Past)
Elimination Abandoned Ruins WaterwayCalian Cave
Conquest Temple of Wind