As of April 2021 Kurtzpedia is no longer being maintained due to lack of interest. If you wish to take over the wiki send me an email at


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Situation Update (February 24th, 2020)

The Kurtzpedia Team will continue work on the site for the foreseeable future, however any future work done on the site will not be prioritized and will be completed in leisure time. Please note that the KurtzPel Team has yet to provide any response or acknowledgement of our requests.

Notice of Closure

Kurtzpedia is a community project that was initially supported by the KurtzPel Team under the KurtzPel Partner Program. As the game progressed through development, the initial promises and support that had fueled this project had gradually disappeared, and as a result, Kurtzpedia will indefinitely be in hiatus until a resolution is made.

In recent months, our questions and requests have gone unanswered, and overall communication with the KurtzPel Team had dwindled during this period of time. As opposed to before when we were treated like partners, we, as Community Leaders, are no longer being paid and are treated like we do not exist anymore. In response, we will no longer be updating Kurtzpedia until further notice.

We sincerely apologize to all of our users who frequently use this site for assistance. This site closure is being made in protest for better treatment and transparency to not only us, but other Community Leaders and KurtzPel Partners, as well as all regular players who have been unsatisfied with the ongoing obstinate development changes made to KurtzPel.

Once again, we apologize for this decision and we hope that the users of this site are understanding about the decision we have made.