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Adding Items

  1. To add an Item, first create a page with the items name. You can do that by typing<insert item name>
  2. For example, I want to make a new Item called "Bow of Doom". I can go to to create a page.
  3. Next, follow the template here:
  4. Copy the source of that template and paste it onto your new item.
  5. Adjust the info as needed. You can see the parameter options here:

Parameter Options

Required Parameters

  • Name The name of the item, in this case it would be Bow of Doom
  • Icon The icon of the item. If you don't have one leave it at ???.png
  • ItemType The type of item. Options are:
    • Sword Taliah
    • Dance of Wind
    • Diabolic Witch
    • Blazing Fist
    • Dual Soul
    • Top Piece
    • Bottom Piece
    • Undergarment
    • Hair-Top
    • Face-Top
    • Hair-Bottom
    • Face-Bottom
    • Belt
    • Neck
    • Right Hand
    • Left Hand
    • Back
    • Shoes
  • Description The description of the item as mentioned in game
  • Exchange How much you can sell the item back to the NPCs for
  • Availability Where you can obtain the item from
  • ModSlots How many modification slots it has
  • ModCost How much does it cost to modify the item once. Use {{U}} to separate each increment. For example 672 {{U}} 1008 {{U}} 1500
  • Market Is it marketable on steam? Yes/No
  • Trade Can you trade it? Yes/No
  • SteamURL Url of the market link to it. For example Bow%20of%20Doom

Optional Parameters

These parameters are to provide the item with either base stats or mod stats. Base stats are the stats that come on the item by default and Mod stats are the available stats you can add to the item by modification.

Use {{U}} for every increment when using Upgrade Performance. For example if Rage Generation is increased from 5 to 10 write |ModRage= 5 {{U}} 10

  • BaseRange Damage range of the weapon e.g 50~100
  • BaseHP Max HP
  • BaseHPRegen HP Recovery (Sec.)
  • BaseStamRegen Stamina Recovery (Sec.)
  • BaseStamina Maximum Stamina
  • BaseMana Max Mana
  • BaseRage Rage Generation
  • BasePAtk Physical Attack
  • BaseMAtk Magic Attack
  • BasePCrit Base Phys CRIT Rate
  • BaseMCrit Base Mag CRIT Rate
  • BaseManaRegen Mana Recovery (Sec.)
  • BaseActionSpd Action Speed
  • BaseCastingSpd Casting Speed
  • BaseMoveSpd Movement Speed
  • BaseActionEnd Action Endurance
  • BaseSpellEnd Spell Endurance
  • BasePDef Physical DEF
  • BaseMDef Magic DEF
  • BaseAP AP Gain
  • ModHP Max HP
  • ModHPRegen HP Recovery (Sec.)
  • ModStamRegen Stamina Recovery (Sec.)
  • ModStamina Maximum Stamina
  • ModMana Max Mana
  • ModRage Rage Generation
  • ModPAtk Physical Attack
  • ModMAtk Magic Attack
  • ModPCrit Mod Phys CRIT Rate
  • ModMCrit Mod Mag CRIT Rate
  • ModManaRegen Mana Recovery (Sec.)
  • ModActionSpd Action Speed
  • ModCastingSpd Casting Speed
  • ModMoveSpd Movement Speed
  • ModActionEnd Action Endurance
  • ModSpellEnd Spell Endurance
  • ModPDef Physical DEF
  • ModMDef Magic DEF
  • ModAP AP Gain
  • Dye Is it dyable? Yes/No