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This page contained content that existed before the update on January 15th, 2020. As of that update, the content below the page has either been completely removed or altered, and as a result this page is archived and does not reflect the current state of the game.
Star Idol(?)
Crim Plie.PNG
Name Crim Plie (크림 플리에)
Role Star Idol(?)
Location ??
Class ??
Age ??
Keep up idiots, I’m not going to wait forever!


Crim Plie (Korean: 크림 플리에) is a high-rank chaser on the trail of the Ancient Kurtzpel, the Chase’s heroes who went missing during the calamity 400 years ago.

Crim’s path spans the continent under the guise of a star idol of a travelling carnival as she searches for clues as to the Ancient Kurtzpel’s whereabouts.



  • Lv.1 Met Before
    • [Recent News] She is an exceptional Chaser of the Chase Intelligence Division. +70
    • [Recent News] She is searching the continent to find the clues to whereabouts of the Ancient KurtzPels that have vanished during the Great Change. +50
    • [Advice] You can learn and even get helpful items when you meet other Chasers. +70
    • [Mission] Information about the Secret Portal must not leak to Bellatos Army. +30
    • [Mission] Chase investigates the strange events that are happening in Erthesia and protects people from the monsters. +30
  • Lv.2 Friend
    • [Recent News] She travels under the disguise of traveling idol group in a small theatric company and gathers intelligence. +60
    • [Advice] Be sure to remember to area after each mission. +60
    • [Mission] Monsters are living being of Erthesia that became violent due to the effects of chaos. +50
    • [Del Lasa] Lire was always on top list to scout every since the moment we met her. When we learned that she came to Erthesia, I rant straight to her. +40
    • [Secret Portal] She couldn't believe it until she saw the rescued Ancient KurtzPel with her own eyes. +40
  • Lv.3 Close Friend
    • [Recent News] You must be strong to be able to help others. It's not smart to jump into situations recklessly. +40
    • [Recent News] She is not good at cooking. +30
    • [Personal] A small girl in a traveling theatric company is a perfect disguise to throw off any suspicious on her, and it's easy for her to get to many places. +30
    • [Advice] KurtzPel are not invincible, so it's stupid to jump into battles recklessly. +50
    • [Abandoned Ruins] Some say that life was given to rocks and metals by the power of goddess in the Ancient Hellisia Kingdom. +70
    • [Door of Secrets] Finding Ancient KurtzPel by following the trace of Karma was like an impossible mission. +60
    • [KurtzPel] Karma type is not limited to battles, but there are countless Karmas based on special experience and abilities of KurtzPel. +70
  • Lv.4 Trusting
    • [Recent News] She practices hand-to-hand combat and stage performance in her daily routine. +40
    • [Recent News] She has a rabbit doll that she cherishes. +20
    • [Personal] Unlike her cute appearance, she possesses very tough and realistic personality. +40
    • [Personal] She hates dancing and singing unless it's for a mission. But because she can't be suspected in the actual performance, she must practice all the time. +30
    • [Mission] Maybe the continuous appearance of the Stone Golems is to keep people out of the Abandoned Ruins? +70
    • [Mission] Judging from the size of the Black Panther, maybe Dark Elf Karin is a high ranking person in Shadow Eodel +70
    • [KurtzPel] I think increase of KurtzPel is because Bell's manipulation in the world has become really bad. +60
    • [KurtzPel] Whenever there were growing number of Bell's forces in Erthesia, there were always KurtzPel to fight them off. +60
    • [Chase] Some people snitch on Bellatos after being rescued by Chase. +50
    • [Chase] Whether it may be fighting against Bellatos, against monsters, or even competing in Porbatio, there's not a lesser important mission to Chase. +60
    • [Ancient KurtzPel] Ancient KurtzPel are really powerful heroes, but nonetheless, all the people should've helped them. +40
    • [Ancient KurtzPel] It was told that the Ancient KurtzPel were trapped inside the Tower of God after the Great Change, but no one knows where it is. +60
  • Lv.5 Soul Mate
    • [Recent News] She is a different being than god, but claims to feel another being inside her sometimes. +30
    • [Recent News] She is a descendant of the Ancient KurtzPel, and sometimes feels the burden of the responsibility. +20
    • [Personal] I feel like I can escape from the shackles of fate when I find all the Ancient KurtzPel. +20
    • [Personal] There are no records or even stories about the Ancient KurtzPel outside of Chase. +70
    • [Advice] Chasers believe in fighting as a 2 in 1 team. Accordingly, your teammate in a battle is especially important. +70
    • [Advice] Probatio is a battle between Chasers, who knows very well about each other. So it's actually the most difficult fight. +70
    • [Mission] I said over and over again not to touch anything in the Temple of Wind, but no one listens. +60
    • [Mission] It's better off to think that the area near the Secret Portal is not Erthesia because the time and space in the area is so twisted. +60
    • [KurtzPel] Bellatos has been trying to manipulate the entire Erthesia with Bell's principle of causality. +50
    • [KurtzPel] Since the past, the number of KurtzPel has always increased when Bell's forces became rampant in the land. +60
    • [Chase] Ancient KurtzPel are essential for taking down Bellatos. +60
    • [Chase] Her ancestor and the KurtzPel came to Eltheca and created an organization, that later became known as the Chase. +40
    • [Ancient KurtzPel] It is not right to burden such a huge responsibility on a small number of people. Everyone must join forces together and fight the war. +40

Affinity Achievement Gift

10040.pngGain Resource50
10000.pngDecrease Cooldown150
10030.pngZero Resource Cost300
50020.pngCrim's Star Hair Pin500
10050.pngDebuff Duration Increase500
10010.pngReset Cooldown700
10020.pngReduce Resource Cost900
120060.pngCrim's Theatric Wristband (R)1,300
130090.pngCrim's Theatric Wristband (L)1,300
110050.pngCrim's Chase Waistband1,700
10060.pngDamage Increase1,700
140060.pngCrim's Theatric Shoes2,200
10070.pngDamage Increase (Unique)2,200
60010.pngCrim's Theatric Top Hat2,700
30070.pngCrim's Theatric Dress3,500



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