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Dance of Wind

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Longbow Karma

Deals large damage to enemies with fast and powerful attack.

Slayers focus on dealing damage.

They have comparably weak DEF but has high ATK.

Physical ATK 4/5

Physical DEF 3/5

Magic DEF 2/5

Action Endurance 2/5

Action Speed 5/5

Endurance Break 3/5


Basic Combos

Combo Description Video
Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png   Basic Attack
Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Stop.png  Leftclickhold.png   Multi-Shot
Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Rightclick.png  Jump.png  Leftclickhold.png   Lift & Shoot
Leftclick.png  Rightclick.png  Rightclickhold.png  Stop.png   Step Back & Shoot
Rightclickhold.png  Bothclickhold.png  Rightclickhold.png   Aimed Shot
Rightclickhold.png  Bothclickhold.png  Wasd.png  Wasd.png  Bothclickhold.png  Rightclickhold.png   Aimed (Recharged) Shot
Wasd.png  Wasd.png  Leftclick.png  Jump.png  Leftclickhold.png   Cover Fire
Jump.png  Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png   Air Shooting
Jump.png  Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Stop.png  Leftclickhold.png   Combo Air Shooting
Jump.png  Jump.png  Leftclick.png   Double Leap Attack
Rightclickhold.png   Aim
Wasd.png  Wasd.png   Rush

Advanced Combos

Combo Description Video
Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Rightclick.png  Jump.png  Leftclickhold.png  Stop.png   Basic Combo Attack
Wasd.png  Wasdh.png  Leftclick.png  Stop.png  Jump.png  Leftclickhold.png   Combo attack while stepping back
Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Stop.png  Leftclickhold.png  Stop.png  Wasd.png  +  Wasdh.png  Leftclick.png  Jump.png   Combo attack with long duration hit
Rightclickhold.png  Bothclickhold.png  Rightclickhold.png  Leftclick.png   Aimed Shot at far away enemy
Rightclickhold.png  Bothclickhold.png  Bothclickhold.png  +  Wasd.png  +  Wasd.png  Stop.png   Powerful Aimed Shot at far away enemy


Unique Karma Crystal (Q)

Description Video
DoWUK1.png Rise of Great Spirit

Summons giant bird like spirit and shoots it forward.

Level Effect: Increase damage area and damage.

DoWUK2.png Great Archer's Soul

Gets the power of the Great Archer and shoots an arrow quickly tracks down the target. Increase Action, Spell Interruption, Shooting Speed, and Shooting Distance.

Level Effect:Increase duration and attack range.

Karma Crystals (E,R,F)

Description Video
DoW1.png Storming Arrow

Steps back and quickly shoots multiple arrows to the target.

Level Effect: Increase movement distance and attack range.

DoW2.png Bombardment Stance

Plants the body in place and attacks with powerful long-range arrow. Character cannot move during Bombardment Stance

Level Effect: Can shoot up to 3 consecutive shots.

DoW3.png Spirit Arrow

Aimed Shots shoot arrows that tracks the target and decreases its Movement Speed.

Can only be used in Aim Rightclickhold.png  mode.

Level Effect: Increase attack range and charge damage.

DoW4.png Raining Arrows

Shoots salvo of arrows on the target area for bonus duration.

Level Effect: Increase attack range, damage area, and duration.

DoW5.png Salvo Arrows

Fires multiple arrows for Aimed Shot.

Can only be used in Aim Rightclickhold.png  mode.

Level Effect: Shoots 7 arrows simultaneously and can pierce 1 target.

DoW6.png Binding Arrow

Decreases Movement Speed in target area for certain duration and shoots arrows that causes Silence.

Level Effect: Increase damage area and attack range.

Passive Skill

DoWP1.png Harsh Wind

There's 5% chance of decreasing target's Movement Speed by 20% for 3 seconds if attack is successful.

DoWP2.png Focused Strategy

Physical ATK is increased by 15% for 10 seconds when using a skill.

DoWP3.png Energy of Wind

DEX and WIT is increased by 10%.



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