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Diabolic Witch

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Staff Karma

Commands various skills to apply debuff on the enemy and deals large damage with magical attack.

Slayers focus on dealing damage.

They have comparably weak DEF but has high ATK.

Magic ATK 5/5

Physical DEF 2/5

Magic DEF 4/5

Spell Endurance 3/5

Action Speed 1/5

Endurance Break 3/5


Basic Combos

Combo Description Video
Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Leftclickhold.png   Basic Attack
Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Stop.png  Leftclickhold.png   Multi-Fireball
Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Rightclick.png  Jump.png  Leftclick.png   Lift & Combo Attack
Leftclick.png  Rightclick.png  Rightclick.png  Rightclick.png   Mana Explosion
Rightclickhold.png  Bothclickhold.png  Rightclickhold.png   Charged Fireball
Rightclickhold.png  Bothclickhold.png  WASDW.png  WASDW.png  Bothclickhold.png  Rightclickhold.png   Frozen Ground
Rightclickhold.png  Bothclickhold.png  WASDA.png  WASDA.png  Bothclickhold.png  Rightclickhold.png   Combo Lightning
Rightclickhold.png  Bothclickhold.png  WASDS.png  WASDS.png  Bothclickhold.png  Rightclickhold.png   Giant Fireball
Wasd.png  Wasd.png  Leftclick.png  Jump.png  Leftclick.png   Retaliation
Jump.png  Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Leftclickhold.png   Air Attack
Jump.png  Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Stop.png  Leftclickhold.png   Aerial Multi-Fireball
Rightclickhold.png   Meditation
Wasd.png  Wasd.png   Rush

Advanced Combos

Combo Description Video
Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Rightclick.png  Jump.png  Leftclick.png   Basic Combo Attack
Leftclick.png  Rightclickhold.png  Stop.png  Avoid.png  Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Stop.png  Leftclickhold.png  Stop.png   Combo attack with long duration hit
Rightclickhold.png  Bothclickhold.png  Rightclickhold.png   Recover Mana/Charge Attack
Rightclickhold.png  Bothclickhold.png  WASDW.png  WASDW.png  Stop.png   Charges forward and deals ice attack.
Rightclickhold.png  Bothclickhold.png  WASDA.png  WASDA.png  Stop.png   Moves left and right and continuously strikes front with lightning
Rightclickhold.png  Bothclickhold.png  WASDS.png  WASDS.png  Stop.png   Steps backwards and rolls fireball forward.


Unique Karma Crystal (Q)

Description Video
DWUK1.png Giant Meteor

Drops a giant meteor in the target area and causes a great explosion.

Level Effect: Increases damage.

DWUK2.png Awakening of Demon

Awakens the inner chaos and increases the Mana usage ability for certain period. Resets all skill cool time instantly and restores Mana. Increases Mana, cool time recovery speed, and casting speed for the duration.

Level Effect: Increase Mana recovery speed, cool time recovery speed, casting speed, and duration time.

Karma Crystals (E,R,F)

Description Video
DW1.png Mana Ray

Generates Mana Ray that shoots out forward for certain duration.

Level Effect: Increases the ray effect by 2 levels after certain period.

DW2.png Black Hole

Summons Black Hole in the target area that pulls the enemy inside and explodes.

Level Effect: Increases attack range, Black Hole size, and explosion area.

DW3.png Lightning

Strikes the target's head with lightning that deals damage and causes Stun.

Level Effect: (Activates Lightning Lv.3 with additional attacks while Lightning Lv.2 is in use.)

DW4.png Fire Ball

Throws powerful and destructive fire ball to far away target.

Level Effect: Increase attack range and decrease casting time.

DW5.png Blizzard

Drops multiple ice rocks in the target area. Enemy hit with the ice rock gets frozen and its Movement Speed is decreased.

Level Effect: Increase max duration. (Summons Giant Ice after max duration expires.)

DW6.png Wall of Ice

Erect giant ice wall that hits the target and interferes its attack. You can step over or stand on it.

Level Effect: Decrease casting time, increase attack damage and range.

Passive Skill

DWP1.png Trembling of Agony

There's 50% chance of increasing Magic ATK for 50% for 3 seconds if CRIT Hit is successful.

DWP2.png Awakened Devil

Skill's cool time is cancelled when in Rage state.

DWP3.png Inner Side of Witch

INT and WIT is increased by 10%.



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