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Kurtzpel has an instance based dungeon system where you can complete solo epic story line missions, queue up with someone to face off against a harder version of the epic dungeons or compete in a 2v2 PvP match.

Each solo dungeon is tied to an NPC, and you will gain affinity and skills depending on which dungeon you complete. For example, Great Sword of Northern Kingdom: Chase is one of Ethan Solgard's affinity story line quests and thus will reward you with his affinity and Sword Taliah skills.

Epic (Single Player)

Epic dungeons are single player dungeons that will increase an NPCs affinity and contains story dialogue.

You can replay any of these missions from the History Mission tab.

Repeat (Party)

Repeat versions of the dungeons are Real Time Missions where you must queue up with another player to battle a much harder version of the single player dungeon.

Players will start with limited amount of lives and if they're down for the count you must aid them by getting close to them to revive.

Since they are Real Time Missions, they only appear at certain times in the day so you must be quick!

LogoIcon.png   Dungeons   LogoIcon.png
Kagor Reckless UndeadsAppearance of Giant Demonic BeastTeachings of the Great Wizard
Helion Increased SecurityBelated Resurrection of GolemsReappearance of Reorgea
Pelone Mountains Bad Tempered LieutenantReappearance of the CalamityBlazing Blade of Calamity
Sylvis Unexpected MemoryIntrusion of the Dark ElvesAttack of Black FangChasers Trapped in the PastIllusion Device OverloadChase: Illusion CoreReturn of the Titan
Venia Dangerous ExperimentApostle of Greed's ReappearanceWandering BeastKnight Captain's Return
Unmarked Territories Lieutenant's Return
Ethan - Great Sword of Northern Kingdom Great Sword of Northern Kingdom 1Great Sword of Northern Kingdom 2Great Sword of Northern Kingdom 3
Lire - Elf from Runaway Island Elf from Runaway Island 1Elf from Runaway Island 2Elf from Runaway Island 3
Jin Kaien - Rescue Ancient KurtzPel Rescue Ancient KurtzPel 1Rescue Ancient KurtzPel 2Rescue Ancient KurtzPel 3
Marian Vendor - Fox Eared Wizard Fox Eared Wizard 1Fox Eared Wizard 2Fox Eared Wizard 3
Kien Astrea - In search of ParazPel In search of ParazPel 1In search of ParazPel 2In search of ParazPel 3
Lime Serenity - Saint of Bellatos Saint of Bellatos 1Saint of Bellatos 2Saint of Bellatos 3
Deathmatch Abandoned Ruins OutskirtBell's SanctumSecret Portal Gathering
Capture the Flag Abandoned Ruins WaterwayKalien Cave
Conquest Regenie Monastery DungeonsTemple of Wind
Survival Kardia Island Shore