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Elf from Runaway Island: Tied Down Land Delasa

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Elf from Runaway Island: Tied Down Land Delasa
NPC Affinity Lire Eryuelle
Mode Epic
Players Single
Difficulty Beginner
Rewards AP +100
CP +100

Creating Elf from Runaway Island: Tied Down Land Delasa is a dungeon for Lire Eryuelle's affinity story line. It is the first part out of 3 dungeons.


Eliminate Dark Elf Nei and Shay

Recalls the forgotten mission as a result of the shock from receiving Karma. High level Chaser Crim has gone to Silvis to investigate the tied down land Delasa. Go help her.


Dungeon Start

Dark Elf: I see. you're the reason why Karin's panther was uneasy.

Lire Eryuelle: ... I'm Lire from the Eluel Island.

Lire Eryuelle: I didnt'c come here to fight you.

Lire Eryuelle: I heard that I can f‌ind the Tree of Life Essence here.

Lire Eryuelle: The Tree of Life in our island is dying. Can you please share some with us?

Dark Elf: Insolent elf. Do you even realize what your are asking for? You're merely an elf from Deserter's Island!

Crim Plea: Kya!

Dark Elf: You dare try to sneak up on us?

Dungeon End

Lire Eryuelle: I'm sorry... I didn't mean to get you two involved.

Crim Plea: Hi, Lire!

Crim Plea: It's good to see you again. So? Have you thought about joining Chase?

Lire Eryuelle: You said... you are Crim, a member of Chase, right? It does seem like fate that our paths cross like this.

Lire Eryuelle: But, I don't want anyone to be in danger because of me.

Lire Eryuelle: Please... leave me be.

Crim Plea: Lire...

Crim Plea: You see it too, don't you? A fragment of a past or a dream...

Lire Eryuelle: ...!

Crim Plea: I'm certain that you are a KurtzPel. Hear me out... this world is built upon lies and you are also being deceived.

Crim Plea: Please join us... Let us f‌ight together... as Chasers.

Lire Eryuelle: KurtzPel... 30 years ago during the Great Disaster... I fought together with your senior Chasers as their comrade.

Lire Eryuelle: But it all ended in tragedy, and I promised myself then that I will never to get involved with the affairs of the outside world.

Crim Plea: Ah...

Lire Eryuelle: Let me ask you again... Please let me be. Leave me alone.

Lire Eryuelle: After this mission, I will also cut off all ties outside of the island.

Crim Plea: Hey! Lire! Wait!

Crim Plea: Ugh, elves are so stubborn and diff‌icult!

Crim Plea: What are you waiting for? Come on!


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