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Elf from Runaway Island 1

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LogoIcon.png   Elf from Runaway Island 1   LogoIcon.png
Difficulty: Easy
Region: Sylvis
NPC: Lire Eryuell
Story: 60AP ▪ 100CP
If player did not choose Dance of Wind during Character Creation:
Dance of Wind
Energy of Wind
Rookie Chaser Longbow
Storming Arrow
Great Spirit's Ascent
Repeat: N/A
Eliminate Dark Elf Ney and Shey
Recalls the forgotten mission as a result of the shock from receiving Karma. High level Chaser Crim has gone to Silvis to investigate the tied down land Del Lasa. Go help her.


Eliminate Dark Elf Ney and Shey

Recalls the forgotten mission as a result of the shock from receiving Karma. High level Chaser Crim has gone to Silvis to investigate the tied down land Del Lasa. Go help her.


Dungeon Start

Dark Elf: I see. you're the reason why Karin's panther was uneasy.

Lire Eryuelle: ... I'm Lire from the Eluel Island.

Lire Eryuelle: I didnt'c come here to fight you.

Lire Eryuelle: I heard that I can f‌ind the Tree of Life Essence here.

Lire Eryuelle: The Tree of Life in our island is dying. Can you please share some with us?

Dark Elf: Insolent elf. Do you even realize what your are asking for? You're merely an elf from Deserter's Island!

Crim Plea: Kya!

Dark Elf: You dare try to sneak up on us?

Dungeon End

Lire Eryuelle: I'm sorry... I didn't mean to get you two involved.

Crim Plea: Hi, Lire!

Crim Plea: It's good to see you again. So? Have you thought about joining Chase?

Lire Eryuelle: You said... you are Crim, a member of Chase, right? It does seem like fate that our paths cross like this.

Lire Eryuelle: But, I don't want anyone to be in danger because of me.

Lire Eryuelle: Please... leave me be.

Crim Plea: Lire...

Crim Plea: You see it too, don't you? A fragment of a past or a dream...

Lire Eryuelle: ...!

Crim Plea: I'm certain that you are a KurtzPel. Hear me out... this world is built upon lies and you are also being deceived.

Crim Plea: Please join us... Let us f‌ight together... as Chasers.

Lire Eryuelle: KurtzPel... 30 years ago during the Great Disaster... I fought together with your senior Chasers as their comrade.

Lire Eryuelle: But it all ended in tragedy, and I promised myself then that I will never to get involved with the affairs of the outside world.

Crim Plea: Ah...

Lire Eryuelle: Let me ask you again... Please let me be. Leave me alone.

Lire Eryuelle: After this mission, I will also cut off all ties outside of the island.

Crim Plea: Hey! Lire! Wait!

Crim Plea: Ugh, elves are so stubborn and diff‌icult!

Crim Plea: What are you waiting for? Come on!

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