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IconNameDescriptionAvailabilityMarketableTradableSteam Market
960050.pngShuffleShuffle here, shuffle there, just keep shuffling.Loot from Supply BoxesYesNo
960040.pngLove YouSend a heart with your love.Loot from Supply BoxesYesNo
960030.pngForgive Me!Kneel and pray for mercy.Loot from Supply BoxesYesNo
960020.pngSalt ThrowThrow salt at your opponent.Loot from Supply BoxesYesNo
960010.pngCrab LegsBend your knees and flap your legs.Loot from Supply BoxesYesNo
960000.pngBreak DanceI'm not spinning, you're spinning.Loot from Supply BoxesYesNo
160040.pngNopeShake your head while moving your arms.Given upon Character CreationNoNo
160030.pngUh HuhNod your head up and down.Given upon Character CreationNoNo
160020.pngYou're So DeadMake a show of slitting your throat with your thumb.Given upon Character CreationNoNo
160010.pngWiggle WiggleFeel the rhythm and gently move to the beat.Given upon Character CreationNoNo
160000.pngHelloWave your handGiven upon Character CreationNoNo