Ensher Renhart

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Leader of The Chase
Ensher Renhart.PNG
Name Ensher Renhart (엔셔 렌하트)
Role Leader of The Chase
Location ??
Class ??
Age ??
Greetings Chaser! Allow me to brief you on this mission.


Ensher Renhart (Korean: 엔셔 렌하트) is the current leader of the Chase, an organization of KurtzPel. Though she may be a she girl who is accident-prone and almost devoid of any combat capability, her mastery over combat tactics and ability to connect with others has proven herself as a capable leader of KurtzPel.



  • Lv.1 Met Before
    • [Recent News] The current leader of the Chase +30
    • [Recent News] You can receive more important missions when you advance to higher ranks through Probatio. +40
    • [Advice] I am always worried about Chasers and I am always doing my best to find a way to help them. +50
    • [Mission] The Secret Portal is a key evidence, so it must never be taken by the Bellatos Army. +60
    • [Mission] There are various places where monsters repeatedly appear. They are the key locations of interest for Chasers. +70
  • Lv.2 Friend
    • [Recent News] I heard that the first KurtzPel appeared during the ancient Hellisia civilization. I wonder how the world was during that period. +30
    • [Advice] Mana is the strength that provides supernatural powers. +40
    • [Mission] Karin, the leader of the Dark Elves frequently comes down to nearby villages with her Black Panther and causes chaos. +60
    • [Abandoned Ruins] There was an evil demon that instigated fight between the two kingdoms, and the red magical beast is his henchman. +50
    • [Del Lasa] The Black Panthers are very responsive to spirits and they can even use some of Dark Elves' necromancy. +70
  • Lv.3 Close Friend
    • [Recent News] Her hobby is reading, and she remembers almost all the books that she read.+30
    • [Personal] She was raised by the Chase Lieutenant Caljenin, who took her in when she was a young child.+20
    • [Advice] What you receive when you share Karma is like the seed of Karma. It must be cultivated through training and experience. +50
    • [Mission] Bellatos' Lieutenant Garvan mass murdered innocent people to destroy the Chase in the past. +80
    • [Abandoned Ruins] Princess Diana is the 1st Princess of the Kingdom of Benedia, and has been ruling the kingdom ever since the sudden death of the king. +50
    • [Del Lasa] The main forces of the Shadow Eodel is based in the mountainous regions in the eastern part of the continent, and Del Lasa is just one of many regional bases.+80
    • [KurtzPel] KurtzPel are group of people that are seeking out the hidden truth after learning that this world has been deceived. +40
  • Lv.4 Trusting
    • [Recent News] She likes to eat sweets when she is out of energy. +30
    • [Recent News] Her Karma was very unstable when she was young, she trained to stabilize it through reading. +20
    • [Personal] Chase Lieutenant Caljenin had one son, and she grew up with him. +30
    • [Advice] Some attack skills are goes on cooldown after using it. +80
    • [Advice] If you want to ask about information of a specific Chaser you want to meet, I will gives you activity information about that Chaser.
    • [Mission] The forced ascension of Bellatos is the ritual of forced destruction of body to gain divine power. +50
    • [Cave of Demonic Beast] Kalien are feared by people due to their evil appearance, but in many cases, that is a huge misunderstanding. +70
    • [Door of Secrets] The Secret Portal has been deactivated ever since the rescue of the Ancient KurtzPel. +60
    • [Chase] Chase resists all efforts of Bellatos in their attempt to deceive the world. +50
    • [KurtzPel] KurtzPel means "the one that brings chaos". It's the false accusation that Bellatos created for very long time. +40
  • Lv.5 Soul Mate
    • [Recent News] She has almost no combat abilities buy she is a genius tactician and is the advisor of KurtzPel. +60
    • [Recent News] But she makes frequent silly mistakes in her normal life and has poor eye sight, so she must wear glasses all the time.+50
    • [Personal] When she was young, people would either get scared or angry when she told them what she can see. +40
    • [Personal] When she was first discovered, her Karma was already awakened but is was unstable and often uncontrollable. +40
    • [Advice] She is always worried that her mistake in making battle strategy may result in death or injury to KurtzPel. +30
    • [Mission] She feels that Bellatos is aiming to destroy the Chase backed by vast amount of intelligence. +70
    • [Mission] The Twisted Ruins that repeatedly generate near the Secret Portal is an illusionary space caused by the twisted time and space. +60
    • [Cave of Demonic Beast] The Ancient Kalien Wizards conducted countless experiments to create a living thing with their magic. +60
    • [Door of Secrets] Calamity is the realization of the power of chaos in this world. +70
    • [Chase] Eltheca is the base of Chase, and it´s also the first home of KurtzPel and the Great Sage. +70
    • [Chase] When the chaos is at its worst, the forgotten ones and the Azure Light will resonate and shine a ray of truth upon this world. +60
    • [KurtzPel] When a KurtzPel experiences awakening for the first time, they are confused because they can see and feel things that other cannot. +50
    • [KurtzPel] The reason for KurtzPel´s existence is to fight to save all living souls in Erthesia. +50
    • [Erthesia] El is the being that created the El Universe determined to bring order into the space of chaos. +20
    • [Erthesia] But El was defeated by Bell, who wanted to created his own order, and is now just a giant principle that maintains the universe.+20

Affinity Achievement Gift

120000.pngRookie Chaser Gloves (R)50
130000.pngRookie Chaser Gloves (L)50
70000.pngRookie Chaser Eye Patch150
80000.pngRookie Chaser Mask150
140000.pngOfficial Chaser Boots300
80010.pngOfficial Chaser Mask300
20020.pngOfficial Chaser Undergarment500
30010.pngOfficial Chaser Top Piece700
40010.pngOfficial Chaser Bottom Piece700
120010.pngOfficial Chaser Gloves (R)900
130010.pngOfficial Chaser Gloves (L)900
70020.pngEnsher's Round Glasses1,300
120050.pngEnsher's Commander Wristband (R)1,700
130080.pngEnsher's Commander Wristband (L)1,700
140050.pngEnsher's Commander Slippers2,200
60000.pngEnsher's Commander Hat2,700
30060.pngEnsher's Commander Dress3,500



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