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Equipment/Left Hand

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Name Icon Max HP HP Regen Stam Regen Max Stamina Max Mana Rage Gen. Phys Attack Magic Attack Phys Crit Rate Magic Crit Rate Mana Recovery (Sec.) Action Speed Casting Speed Movement Speed Action End. Spell End. Phys Def. Mag Def.
Garvan's Gauntlet (L)
Rookie Chaser Gloves (L)
Official Chaser Gloves (L)
Vanguard Gloves (L)
Ensher's Commander Wristband (L)
Ethan's Leather Gloves (L)
Lire's Eryuell Archer Gloves (L)
Jin's Fighter Arm Bandage
Crim's Theatric Wristband (L)
Layered Bracelet (L)
Short Leather Glove (L)
Long Leather Glove (L)
Wrist Band (L)
Long Party Glove (L)
Amy's Sibyl Glove (L)
Lire's Great Archer Arm Ornament (L)
Jin's Rookie Fighter Glove (L)
Gold Lion Armor Glove (L)
Elenoa Plated Armor Glove (L)
Maid Ribbon Wrist Band (L)
Cross Strap Short Gloves (L)
Silver Wing Knights Glove (L)
Basic Chaser Symbol (L)
Guardian Yaksha's Gloves (L)
Illusion Device Ring (L)
Kien's Trinity Outfit Gloves (L)
Gold Ring
Beaded Bracelet (L)
Water Proof Watch (L)
El Knight Plated Glove (L)
Illusion Core Bracelet (L)
Steel Analog Watch (L)
Battlesuit Glove (L)
Knight of Calamity Glove (L)
Settia's Ring (L)
ParazPel's Wrist Protector (L)
Intermediate Chaser Symbol (L)
Lime's Holy Knight Uniform Glove (L)
Holy Bellatos Glove (L)
Judgment Bellatos Glove (L)
Halloween Vampire Claw (L)
Halloween Pumpkin Bracelet (L)
King Dragon Glove (L)
Rudolph's Glove (L)
2020 Ring
Fingerless Sports Glove (L) (Female)
Fingerless Sports Glove (L) (Male)
Chase Combatant Glove (L) (Female)
Chase Combatant Glove (L) (Male)
Wrist Compression Bandage (L) (Male)
Wrist Compression Bandage (L) (Female)
Fallen Light's Glove (L) (Male)
Fallen Light's Glove (L) (Female)
Demon Hunter Glove (L) (Male)
Demon Hunter Fingerless Glove (L) (Female)
Ruler of Darkness's Demonic Beast Glove (L) (Male)
Ruler of Darkness's Demonic Beast Glove (L) (Female)
Blossom Knight Glove (L) (Female)
Blossom Knight Glove (L) (Male)
Unicorn Academy Sports Watch (L) (Male)
Unicorn Academy Sports Watch (L) (Female)