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Ethan Soulguard

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This page contained content that existed before the update on January 15th, 2020. As of that update, the content below the page has either been completely removed or altered, and as a result this page is archived and does not reflect the current state of the game.
Ensher’s bodyguard
Ethan Soulguard.png
Name Ethan Solgard (에단 솔가드)
Role Ensher’s bodyguard
Location ??
Class ??
Age ??
Only those who have something to protect can become truly powerful.


Ethan Solgard (Korean: 에단 솔가드) is a high-rank Chaser serving as Ensher’s bodyguard.

He is an expert at wielding a great-sword boasting the techniques passed down his lineage from the northern kingdom of Norbass once famed for its swordsmanship.



  • Lv.1 Met Before
    • [Recent News] He is in charge of guarding Leader Ensher. +30
    • [Great Sword of Northern Kingdom] Bellatos Lancers are one of the key forces of Bellatos Army. They use strong divine power. +40
    • [Great Sword of Northern Kingdom] He is always concerned about the safety of Princess Diana, and it seems as though the two have known each other for a long time. +50
    • [Battle] The power used by a KurtzPel in a battle can be categorized as Stamina, Mana, and Rage. +60
    • [Battle] Ethan's Karma is Sword Taliah, the Sword of Earth. +70
  • Lv.2 Friend
    • [Recent News] He claims that his swordsmanship is the most powerful swordsmanship in Erthesia, and has been passed down in his family for generations. +30
    • [Great Sword of Northern Kingdom] It seems like someone used Symbol of Fire and summoned the red magical beast into this world. +30
    • [Del Lasa] Dark Elf Karin is no ordinary girl. She is the leader of the Shadow Eodel in Del Lasa. +70
    • [Mission] There are Golems all over the Abandoned Ruins so you need to be careful. +70
    • [Battle] If you deplete all your Stamina in a battle, then you become exhausted and only thing you can do is just walk very slowly. +50
  • Lv.3 Close Friend
    • [Recent News] Training very long time with your sword will make you become used to its weight and it will feel as if the sword is a part of your body. +20
    • [Personal] Please tidy up after you use equipment. +20
    • [Advice] Receiving Karma is not the end of it. You must hone your skills through endless training and experience in battles. +50
    • [Great Sword of Northern Kingdom] The Kingdom War was started between the two Kingdoms of Norbas and Bendeia. +40
    • [Del Lasa] Del Lasa is called the cursed floating island because of the dark energy emitted by the chain anchored to the ground. +80
    • [Mission] The Shadow Eodels that appeared from the Cave of Magical Beast are after Kalien's Magical Legacy. +80
    • [Battle] Probatio is a test between fellow KurtzPel who know each other very well. That's why it's so difficult and dangerous.+60
  • Lv.4 Trusting
    • [Recent News] We received intel that Bellatos´ forced sacrifice ritual is being started again. +30
    • [Personal] Have high interest in cooking. +20
    • [Personal] I want to go back to my hometown in Norbas someday and help make the kingdom a safe place for all. 20
    • [Advice] If it gets difficult to win in Probatio, I recommend that you go out on missions and meet other Chasers. +50
    • [Great Sword of Northern Kingdom] Abandoned Ruins is the remains of the ancient Hellisia civilization. +80
    • [Great Sword of Northern Kingdom] The Kingdom Wars started by the human kingdoms were stopped by enormous army of monsters. +40
    • [Mission] Karin, the leader of the Dark Elves frequently terrorizes the nearby villages with her Black Panther. +80
    • [Mission] People are still falling into the past at the Temple of Wind in Del Lasa. +80
    • [Battle] If you feel like you´re skills are not improving, then you should try to learn how other Chasers are fighting. +50
    • [Chase] If you want to now, Chase is an organization fighting to maintain peace and order in the world. +50
  • Lv.5 Soul Mate
    • [Recent News] I'm worried because the new Chasers doesn't seem to grasp the concept of death. +40
    • [Recent News] Your objective is to overthrow Bellatos and prevent the Purification War. +20
    • [Personal] Hears that he is too old fashioned. +40
    • [Personal] The most difficult moment for me in my life was leaving my men behind. +20
    • [Advice] Karma is the energy core of KurtzPel's battle experience and abilities. +60
    • [Great Sword of Northern Kingdom] Unlike what she may appear to be, Princess Diana is a very wise leader and is managing the kingdom very well. +70
    • [Great Sword of Northern Kingdom] The two kingdoms have been fighting each other even while Bellatos was growing stronger, due to their grudge from the past Kingdom War. +70
    • [Mission] You can feel the true powers of Bellatos when you're up against their battalion. +70
    • [Mission] The Wind Guardian of Del Lasa have many things in common with the legendary warriors in the regions of Natular. +80
    • [Battle] You must continuously and repeatedly train your swordsmanship to fully utilize your skills in a real battle. +60
    • [Battle] The Great Sword takes the lead in the battlefield. +60
    • [Chase] Believes the Azure Light in the prophecy is referring to all of you. +40
    • [Human Kingdom] The two human kingdoms are the nations built by the survivors of the fallen ancient Hellisia Kingdom. +40
    • [Human Kingdom] When the Purification War was started by Bellatos, the two human kingdoms failed to join forces and both nations suffered great damage.+50

Affinity Achievement Gift

1130.pngStun Hit50
210010.pngOfficial Chaser Great Sword300
1150.pngLand Demolisher500
1160.pngInfinite Blade700
110000.pngEthan's Double Belt900
120020.pngEthan's Leather Gloves (R)1,300
130020.pngEthan's Leather Gloves (L)1,300
210020.pngNorbas Great Sword1,700
140010.pngEthan's Leather Boots2,200
210030.pngEthan's Great Sword2,700
30020.pngEthan's Tunic Top Piece3,500
40020.pngEthan's Tunic Bottom Piece3,500



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