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Fox Eared Wizard 3

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LogoIcon.png   Fox Eared Wizard 3   LogoIcon.png
Difficulty: Easy
Region: Kagor
NPC: Marian Vendor
Story: 60AP ▪ 100CP
Repeat: N/A
Eliminate Great Wizard
Marian came to investigate the Cave of Demonic Beast to learn more about the Blue Horned Devil. You must help Marian to investigate deep parts of the cave.


Eliminate Great Wizard

The Cave of Magical Beast was the secret research lab of the ancient Kalien wizards and the Blue Horned Devil is related to these Kalien wizards. Help Marian and eliminate the sorcerer called the Blue Horned Devil.


Dungeon Start

Great Wizard: Are you the ones that have entered the forbidden Warlock's Sanctuary?

Marian Vendor: I come from Chaos, but I shall build Order here.

Marian Vendor: I come from Darkness, but I shall build Harmony here.

Marian Vendor: I will not ask again. That horn on your head... where did you get it?

Marian Vendor: Answer me!

Dungeon End

Marian Vendor: Haaa!!!

Marian Vendor: Where did you get it! Tell me the truth!

Luin: Oooh... Tell me Marian... Is this how you treat your old teacher?

Marian Vendor: ...I What...?

Marian Vendor: Master... Luin...?

Luin: It's been a long time, Marian.

Marian Vendor: Master... what are you doing here? .... You were killed...

Luin: It's a long story... I am very sorry for your parents and my guild mates, but I've managed to survive.

Marian Vendor: No, no Master. Don't say that.

Marian Vendor: It's so fortunate that you are alive... Master... *sob*

Luin: Come now! A big girl like you shouldn't be crying like that!

Luin: Anyway, I see that you still love cats.

Marian Vendor: And, you master... you still have your belly.

Luin: (clearing his throat/cough)! But who is that next to you?

Marian Vendor: Ah... This is, uh... "Enthusiam", my comrade in the Chase.

Luin: You possess a very unusual power, my friend. But first, let me apologize for attacking you both.

Marian Vendor: There's no need, master. I'm sorry to have troubled you Chaser, but I'm just glad we met again.

Marian Vendor: I've missed you so much!

Luin: Ah... it's been very long time... I also missed you, Marian.

Luin: But when I think about your parents, my friends... all the guild members... The memory of all those killed by Bellatos just devastates me.

Marian Vendor: Yes, Master! We should have a drink.

Marian Vendor: I'm so happy that we can share a drink together.

Marian Vendor: I'm sorry Chaser, but can you go back without me?

Marian Vendor: I think I'll be staying here for a while!

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