Fox Eared Wizard 3

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LogoIcon.png   Fox Eared Wizard 3   LogoIcon.png
Difficulty: Easy
Region: Kagor
NPC: Marian Vendor
Story: 60AP ▪ 100CP
Diabolic Witch
Rookie Chaser Staff
Fire Ball
Mana Ray
Repeat: 73AP
Eliminate Great Wizard Marian came to investigate the Cave of Demonic Beast to learn more about the Blue Horned Devil. You must help Marian to investigate deep parts of the cave.


Eliminate Great Wizard

The Cave of Magical Beast was the secret research lab of the ancient Kalien wizards and the Blue Horned Devil is related to these Kalien wizards. Help Marian and eliminate the sorcerer called the Blue Horned Devil.


Fox Eared Wizard 3/Story

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