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Great Sword of Northern Kingdom: Chase

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Great Sword of Northern Kingdom: Chase
NPC Affinity Ethan Solgard
Mode Epic
Players Single
Difficulty Beginner
Rewards None

Great Sword of Northern Kingdom: Chase is a single player Epic dungeon for Ethan Solgard's affinity story line. It is the first part out of 3 dungeons.


Eliminate Belatos Lancer

Recalls the forgotten mission as a result of the shock from receiving Karma. High Level Chaser Ethan has gone to investigate suspicious activities of Bellatos Army in the Abandoned Ruins. Go help Ethan.


Dungeon Start

Diana: *Screams*

Belatos Lancer: This is the sacred base of Bellatos Army. What are you doing in here?

Belatos Lancer: Who... who are you?

Dungeon End

Ethan Solgard: Princess Diana, are you alright?

Diana: Oh! Ethan! It's nice to see you. How long has it been?

Ethan Solgard: Now is not the time for small conversation!

Ethan Solgard: Phew... stay calm...

Ethan Solgard: It's been long, Princess Diana. I'm also very happy to see you again.

Ethan Solgard: However, we're in the middle of Belatos territory. It's not safe for us here, and we must leave.

Diana: But Ethan, this time it's really important!

Ethan Solgard: That's what you always say. This one's important, this one is urgent...

Ethan Solgard: But we are in a very dangerous situation right now. This time, I'll have to cut your adventure short.

Ethan Solgard: Please follow me. We're going back to the palace, immediately.

Diana: ......

Diana: ... I'm sorry.

Ethan Solgard: Excuse me?

Diana: Soldiers!

Diana: In the name of Diana Lumia Benedia, the 1st in line to throne of Benedia Kingdom, I command you to stop!

Ethan Solgard: ......!

Diana: As the Commander of burgeoning ally forces against Belatos, I here by request Ethan Soulguard of Chase.

Diana: Please join me and my men in my search within abandoned ruins.

Ethan Solgard: Your Highness, is this truly necessary?

Diana: Please forgive me, Ethan. But as I said before... this time, it's really important.

Diana: Something dangerous is happening around here.

Diana: Please, will you help me one more time?

Ethan Solgard: ......

Ethan Solgard: Alright. I shall follow your command, Princess Diana.

Ethan Solgard: But once I detect any sign of danger we will withdraw immediately. Do you understand?

Diana: Thank you, Ethan.

Diana: And... it's truly nice to see you again!


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