Great Sword of Northern Kingdom: Repeating Tragedy

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Great Sword of Northern Kingdom: Repeating Tragedy
NPC Affinity Ethan Solgard
Mode Epic
Players Single
Difficulty Beginner
Rewards AP +100

Great Sword of Northern Kingdom: Repeating Tragedy is a single player Epic dungeon for Ethan Solgard's affinity story line. It is the third part out of 3 dungeons.


Eliminate Magical Beast Leorgea

Find the burning symbol that Queen Diana saw in her dream. Investigate the deepest parts of the Abandoned Forest where suspicious energy is getting stronger.


Dungeon Start

Diana: Over here, Commander Ethan! Quickly!

Ethan Solgard: Is this the symbol that you saw in your dream?

Diana: ??????

Diana: Ahhkkk!

Ethan Solgard: What's this?

Dungeon End

Ethan Solgard: *gasp*... *gasp*... Is it... over?

Diana: It's gone but... I'm not sure if it's dead or not.

Ethan Solgard: KurtzPel! Are you alright? I like your enthusiasm but don't get yourself killed.

Diana: Ah, he's doing that again.

Diana: He means thank you for saving him earlier, KurtzPel. He's just embarrassed.

Ethan Solgard: Umm...! Humph!

Ethan Solgard: Anyway, I wonder what the relationship between the fire symbol and that beast is.

Diana: These symbols look like a summoning circle to bring certain beings into this world.

Diana: That blazing red beast... Surely you heard about it too, Ethan?

Diana: The story of the fearful Red Beast during the Kingdom War.

Ethan Solgard: Ah... yes. I heard something about a great red beast that served a demon... but that was a long time ago.

Diana: We don't have enough information right now, but I can't forget the great darkness in my dreams that spread to swallow our entire ???????

Diana: I think we should investigate some more.

Ethan Solgard: Understood.

Ethan Solgard: I will report this to Chase and look into this matter.

Ethan Solgard: Let's leave this place, for now. You don't know when Belatos army will show up in this region.

Diana: Ethan! Look! The forest! There's a strange shadow over there!

Ethan Solgard: Your Highness... I understand it's been awhile since your last 'adventure'... But enough is enough.

Ethan Solgard: KurtzPel, we will now escort the Princess out of this forest.

Diana: Oh, we're discovered. In that case...!

Diana: In the name of Diana Lumia Benedia, the 1st in line to the throne of Benedia Kingdom, I command you to... *scream*!

Ethan Solgard: Pardon me, Your Highness. I'm going to run at full speed so hold on tight.

Ethan Solgard: KurtzPel, lead the way!


Hints and Tips


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