Jin Kaien

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Ancient KurtzPel
Jin Kaien.png
Name Jin Kaien (진 카이엔)
Role Ancient KurtzPel
Location ??
Class ??
Age ??
Who are you? This is the first time we’ve met but why are my eyes watering?


Jin Kaien (Korean: 진 카이엔) is one of the Ancient KurtzPel the Chase is searching for.

Despite going missing 400 years ago the Chase haven’t given up their search for the Ancient KurtzPel.



  • Lv.1 Met Before
    • [Recent News] He is confused because of so much information he is receiving while he can't even remember his own past. +30
    • [Recent News] What he can do now is to just learn about this world, and find other KurtzPels. +50
    • [Ancient KurtzPel Rescue] He thinks he caused burden to many others when he couldn't get out of the secret portal. +30
    • [Battle] The combat skills of the Argart Guardians are the best in Erthesia. You won't regret it. +70
    • [Battle] Jin's Karma is the Blazing Fist. It's the burning fist with the essence of Argart Guardian's combat skills. +70
  • Lv.2 Friend
    • [Recent News] He is usually training his martial arts. +30
    • [Ancient KurtzPel Rescue] He can't believe that he was locked up in the twisted Ruins for over 400 years. +40
    • [Ancient KurtzPel Rescue] There's no such thing and being born with talent. Just have a single goal and work hard for it. +40
    • [Abandoned Ruins] He was concerned about some long cyclone like wind coming from somewhere all throughout fighting the Golems. +70
    • [Del Lasa] He thinks that maybe he can find some clues in the Hall of the Past in Del Lasa. +50
    • [Battle] The powers used by KurtzPel in a battle are Stamina, Mana, and Range, and you must have good knowledge about each and every once of them. +60
  • Lv.3 Close Friend
    • [Personal] He is one of the ancient KurtzPels that disappeared during the Great Change in the past +20
    • [Personal] He is a former member of Argart Guardian, which is the fighting guild of the Argart Island to the south of the floating continent. +30
    • [Ancient KurtzPel Rescue] He thinks the appearance of the calamity through the Secret Portal has something to do with his rescue. +40
    • [Advice] You can't train without a fellow KurtzPel, and your fellow KurtzPels will die if all of you don't train. Both are very important. +60
    • [Abandoned Ruins] The primary enemy of Chase is Bellatos, but they are actually fighting against all monsters that are attacking the people. +50
    • [Mission] Calamity overwhelms anyone that encounters him, no matter how many times they see him. +80
    • [Battle] Combo attack is very important when using gauntlet. Let's approach and deal basic attack and then connect with the Wild Flurry. +70
  • Lv.4 Trusting
    • [Recent News] He feels bad because he wants to help Chase, but can't remember anything. +56
    • [Personal] He trains his skills whenever he has free time. That's because bad memories come into his mind when hes not doing anything. +40
    • [Personal] He is a former member of Argart Guardian, which is the fighting guild of his hometown, the Argart Island. +50
    • [Ancient Kurtzpel Rescue] The most difficult time while in the Twisted Ruins was that the ghosts he fought were his follow teammates of the Argart Guardian. +20
    • [Advice] Karma can be refined through training and battle experience. +60
    • [Advice] The combat skills of the Argart Guardians are the best of Erthesia. Just come and see me if you want to learn. +60
    • [Mission] The recreated Twisted Ruins is the illusionary space created by the irregularities of time and space caused by the effects of the time Calamity. +70
    • [Battle] If you are seeking for one powerful shot, then I recommend the Ultimate Heat. +70
    • [Battle] The martial arts of Argart Guardians is the martial arts used by the fighters that once guarded ancient Erthesia. +56
    • [Argart Island] There was a sibyl like Crim on the Argart Island, and she was truly beautiful. +30
  • Lv.5 Soul Mate
    • [Recent News] Some say that Crim is the daughter of the Ancient KurtzPel who founded Chase. +50
    • [Recent News] I was saved but I'm worried that other Ancient KurtzPel are suffering somewhere. +30
    • [Personal] I'm worried because anyone who was close to me all had bad endings. +20
    • [Ancient KurtzPel Rescue] I didn't know that he would experience fighting against beings that look like my teammates under the blood red sky and crimson lands. +30
    • [Ancient KurtzPel Rescue] I heard that when Bell's principles of cause and effect becomes strong, that there will be crack in the world and chaos will seep through. +80
    • [Advice] The ones that picked me up from despair both in the past and now are my teammates. +40
    • [Mission] I was trapped in the Hall of the Past in the Temple of Wind and I couldn't get out. +80
    • [Mission] I sometimes wondered if the ghost recognizes me when I fight the Wind Guardians in the Hall of the Past. +80
    • [Battle] Gauntlet is more advantageous against staff but less against longbow. +70
    • [Battle] Gauntlet requires good timing and fast reflex, so it is used mostly by experienced Chasers. +70
    • [Argart Guardian] He used to train alone in the forest since very young because he wanted to join the Argart Guardians. +40
    • [Agrart Guardian] The martial arts of Argart Guardians were created by an ancient fighter called Argart, who was half man, and half god. +60
    • [Argart Island] The leader of the ancient Argart Guardian fell into the power of chaos, and I had no choice but to kill him. +20
    • [Argart Island] I have no memory of the Great Change. When I awoke, I was fallen in the Twisted Ruins. +40

Affinity Achievement Gift

1430.pngInstant Chase50
1420.pngReckless Charge150
240010.pngOfficial Chaser Gauntlet300
1440.pngGreat Retaliation500
1470.pngDevoted Awakening700
110090.pngJin's Fighter Sash900
120040.pngJin's Fighter Vambrace1,300
130070.pngJin's Fighter Arm Bandage1,300
240020.pngArgart Gauntlet1,700
140040.pngJin's Fighter Shoes2,200
240030.pngJin's Fighter Gauntlet2,700
30050.pngJin's Fighter Top Piece3,500
40030.pngJin's Fighter Bottom Piece3,500



  • Jin Kaien is based on Jin, a playable character in KoG's previous work Grand Chase.
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