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KP Shop/Accessory

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The KP Shop is an in-game store that allows you to purchase various cosmetics and weapons using the premium currency KP. You can access this shop by clicking on the shop icon on the HUD or by pressing 'C' (by default).



LogoIcon.png   Accessory   LogoIcon.png
IconNameDescriptionItem TypeCost (KP)
180378.pngBrooch BeretA school uniform beret decorated with a brooch.Hair-Top500
850030.pngAngel Wing HeaddressAngelic Wings radiating holy energy.Hair-Top500
850040.pngDemon Wing HeaddressDemonic Wings radiating dark energy.Hair-Top500
840100.pngSettia's HeadbandTrickster Elemental Settia's invisible headband. This item can have stats but will not be visible.Hair-Top1,500
IconNameDescriptionItem TypeCost (KP)
840030.pngAngelic HaloRing shaped accessory that gives divine glow on top of the hair.Hair-Bottom500
840000.pngFrill Ribbon HeadbandFrill headband tied in place with string ribbon.Hair-Bottom500
850070.pngSettia's Flower PinTrickster Elemental Settia's invisible flower pin. This item can have stats but will not be visible.Hair-Bottom1,500
IconNameDescriptionItem TypeCost (KP)
860060.pngChain GlassesClassy chain glasses.Face-Top500
870020.pngCheckered Eye PatchLarge checkered design eye patch.Face-Top500
860070.pngSettia's BlindfoldTrickster Elemental Settia's invisible blindfold. This item can have stats but will not be visible.Face-Top1,500
IconNameDescriptionItem TypeCost (KP)
870080.pngDuck BeakA realistic looking duck beak.Face-Bottom500
870090.pngGentleman's MoustacheA Moustache fitting for a gentleman.Face-Bottom500
870100.pngVampire Fang MaskA mask marked with vampire fangs.Face-Bottom500
870110.pngSettia's MaskTrickster Elemental Settia's invisible mask. This item can have stats but will not be visible.Face-Bottom1,500
IconNameDescriptionItem TypeCost (KP)
880070.pngRibbon Lace Neck AccessoryLace neck accessory with tied ribbon.Neck500
880030.pngNecktieSmart uniform necktieNeck500
880010.pngShort Ribbon TieShort ribbon necktie.Neck500
880110.pngSettia's NecklaceTrickster Elemental Settia's invisible necklace. This item can have stats but will not be visible.Neck1,500
IconNameDescriptionItem TypeCost (KP)
180379.pngBackpack & RecorderA school backpack with a recording sticking out of it.Back500
890000.pngCuddling CatCute and spotted cat that stimulates desire for cuddle.Back500
890060.pngSettia's WingsTrickster Elemental Settia's invisible wings. This item can have stats but will not be visible.Back1,500
IconNameDescriptionItem TypeCost (KP)
180381.pngWireless EarphoneA wireless earphone that can be worn around the waist.Neck500
900050.pngFolded Ribbon Waist BandLarge ribbon waist band made by folding 2 large ribbons together.Belt500
900000.pngRope BeltWaist belt made of rope.Belt500
900110.pngSettia's BeltTrickster Elemental Settia's invisible belt. This item can have stats but will not be visible.Belt1,500