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KP Shop/Emotes

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The KP Shop is an in-game store that allows you to purchase various cosmetics and weapons using the premium currency KP. You can access this shop by clicking on the shop icon on the HUD or by pressing 'C' (by default).



LogoIcon.png   Emotes   LogoIcon.png
IconNameDescriptionItem TypeCost (KP)
Emotion 180673.pngDance GameThis is a revolution!Emote600
Emotion 180672.pngVR GameIs this the real life? Is this just virtual reality?Emote600
Emotion 180604.pngRabbit DanceHop! Hop!Emote600
Emotion 180555.pngArcher CeremonyShoot for the win!Emote600
Emotion 180557.pngVictoryV for VictoryEmote600
Emotion 180556.pngFired Up!I'm going to win!Emote600
Emotion 180553.pngPan FryToday's menu is..Emote600
Emotion 180454.pngRockRock Paper Scissors! Rock!Emote600
Emotion 180455.pngPaperRock Paper Scissors! Paper!Emote600
Emotion 180453.pngScissorRock Paper Scissors! Scissor!Emote600
Emotion 180421.pngTennisHit a tennis ball with your racket.Emote600
180377.pngLove LetterShare your thoughts.Emote600
960191.pngCynical (Male)Cynical Male MotionStatus Motion1,800
960192.pngCynical (Female)Cynical Female MotionStatus Motion1,800
960193.pngSensual (Male)Sensual Male MotionStatus Motion1,800
960194.pngSensual (Female)Sensual Female MotionStatus Motion1,800
960195.pngConfident (Male)Confident Male MotionStatus Motion1,800
960196.pngConfident (Female)Confident Female MotionStatus Motion1,800
960197.pngBenevolent (Male)Benevolent Male MotionStatus Motion1,800
960198.pngBenevolent (Female)Benevolent Female MotionStatus Motion1,800
960199.pngShy (Male)Shy Male MotionStatus Motion1,800
960200.pngShy (Female)Shy Female MotionStatus Motion1,800
960201.pngBubbly (Male)Bubbly Male MotionStatus Motion1,800
960202.pngBubbly (Female)Bubbly Female MotionStatus Motion1,800
960203.pngPolite (Male)Polite Male MotionStatus Motion1,800
960204.pngPolite (Female)Polite Female MotionStatus Motion1,800