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KP Shop/Weapon

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The KP Shop is an in-game store that allows you to purchase various cosmetics and weapons using the premium currency KP. You can access this shop by clicking on the shop icon on the HUD or by pressing 'C' (by default).



LogoIcon.png   Weapon   LogoIcon.png
IconNameDescriptionItem TypeCost (KP)
510050.pngRoad SignRoad sign that reads "Chasers Keep Out!"Sword Taliah800
530140.pngButler's Dignity Great SwordA well-kept antique great sword that shows the dignity of a butler.Sword Taliah800
510130.pngEl Knight Great SwordIt is said that this great sword was used by knights guarding the El.Sword Taliah800
510000.pngSteel Great SwordA crudely designed Great Sword made of Elenoa steel.Sword Taliah800
510010.pngTitanos Great SwordA bionic Great Sword made of actual body parts of the ancient god of nature.Sword Taliah800
510090.pngIron Great SwordGreat Sword made with Elenoa Iron.Sword Taliah800
510100.pngLong UmbrellaAn umbrella found in Lost & Found.Sword Taliah800
510110.pngDessert ForkA dessert fork with deliciously sweet cake.Sword Taliah800
IconNameDescriptionItem TypeCost (KP)
520050.pngArchery BowCompetition longbow used to hit targets for points.Dance of Wind800
520160.pngButler's Dignity LongbowA well-kept antique longbow that shows the dignity of a butler.Dance of Wind800
520150.pngEl Knight LongbowIt is said that this longbow was used by knights guarding the El.Dance of Wind800
520000.pngHazel LongbowA crudely designed longbow made of hard wood from a hazel tree.Dance of Wind800
520010.pngLongbow of Cherry Blossom SpiritLongbow imbued with the energy of cherry blossom spirit.Dance of Wind800
520120.pngBlocky LongbowA longbow made with big square blocks.Dance of Wind800
520100.pngWooden SlingshotA slingshot made out of a tree branch.Dance of Wind800
520110.pngBlack Cat LongbowA longbow with black cat's aura.Dance of Wind800
IconNameDescriptionItem TypeCost (KP)
530050.pngStaff of MagicStaff used by a girl with magical powers. It looks like it can mutate anyone.Diabolic Witch800
530140.pngButler's Dignity StaffA well-kept antique staff that shows the dignity of a butler.Diabolic Witch800
530130.pngEl Knight StaffIt is said that this staff was used by knights guarding the El.Diabolic Witch800
530000.pngStaff of Blooming SpiritWooden staff imbued with the power of the Fire Spirit. It's made of Ginko tree that have high fire resistance.Diabolic Witch800
530010.pngStaff of IfritStaff imbued with the power of the Fire Spirit Ifrit.Diabolic Witch800
530080.pngColorful LollipopA fancy lollipop with multiple colors.Diabolic Witch800
530090.pngLace ParasolA beautiful parasol with laces.Diabolic Witch800
530100.pngMagic BroomA magic broom that allows you to fly.Diabolic Witch800
IconNameDescriptionItem TypeCost (KP)
540050.pngBoxing GlovesFight gloves used in one of fighting contests called boxing.Blazing Fist800
540150.pngButler's Dignity GauntletA well-kept antique gauntlet that shows the dignity of a butler.Blazing Fist800
540140.pngEl Knight GauntletIt is said that this guantlet was used by knights guarding the El.Blazing Fist800
540000.pngSteel Armor GauntletA crudely designed gauntlet made of Elenoa steel.Blazing Fist800
540010.pngPrerita Guild GauntletGauntlet used by the Prerita Guild of the shores of Endoras.Blazing Fist800
540090.pngCompression BandageCompression bandage to protect broken bones.Blazing Fist800
540100.pngCat PawsCat paws that looks really soft.Blazing Fist800
540120.pngClaw HandsThreatening claw hands.Blazing Fist800
IconNameDescriptionItem TypeCost (KP)
550070.pngThree-Eyed Gargoyle Dual SwordDual Sword in the form of a rare three-eyed gargoyle.Dual Soul800
550140.pngButler's Dignity Dual SwordA well-kept antique dual sword that shows the dignity of a butler.Dual Soul800
550130.pngEl Knight Dual SwordIt is said that this dual sword was used by knights guarding the El.Dual Soul800
550000.pngSteel Dual SwordA crudely designed dual sword made of Elenoa steel.Dual Soul800
550080.pngDual KebobDelicious barbeque skewers.Dual Soul800
550090.pngDual MackerelTwo mackerels freshly caught from the ocean.Dual Soul800
550110.pngOld Iron Dual SwordOld iron dual sword that's went through a lot of battlefields.Dual Soul800
550120.pngDual CutlassDual sword used by pirates of Elenoa Sea.Dual Soul800
IconNameDescriptionItem TypeCost (KP)
560140.pngSeal Giant HammerA giant hammer in the shape of a seal used to seal envelopes.Sacred Guardian800
560110.pngButler's Dignity Giant HammerA well-kept antique giant hammer that shows the dignity of a butler.Sacred Guardian800
560010.pngEl Knight Giant HammerIt is said that this giant hammer was used by knights guarding the El.Sacred Guardian800
560150.pngRockfall Giant HammerA giant hammer that gives the same impact of falling rocks to its enemies.Sacred Guardian800
560030.pngAnvil Giant HammerA giant hammer that looks like it will beat its enemies to make a sword.Sacred Guardian800
560050.pngTeddy Bear Giant HammerA giant teddy bear hammer that looks like it will be squishy when hit.Sacred Guardian800
560060.pngGiant Toy HammerA squeaky toy hammer, a must have for penalty games.Sacred Guardian800
560070.png100t Giant HammerA giant hammer in which you feel the entire impact of the 100t in your bones.Sacred Guardian800
IconNameDescriptionItem TypeCost (KP)
IconNameDescriptionItem TypeCost (KP)
IconNameDescriptionItem TypeCost (KP)
OB 180636.pngSurvival Hunting OrbAn orb made for survival in the wild.Soul of Magus800
OB 180638.pngDemon Hunter OrbA demon hunter's OrbSoul of Magus800