Lime Serenity

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Name Lime Serenity


  • Lv.1 Met Before
    • [Recent News] When she thinks about what she has done, she still cannot forgive herself. +30
    • [Saint Of Bellatos] If it weren't for player and Crim, she would still be leading innocent people to their deaths. +50
    • [Saint Of Bellatos] She can still picture those who dissapeared at Karciel Shrine so clearly in her mind. +70
    • [Battle] Lime's Karma, Sacred Guardian is a powerful Karma that also has power to protect others. 30
    • [Battle] She believe informing everything she knows, especially about her Karma is the least she can do to atone her sins. +70
  • Lv.2 Friend
    • [Recent News] She still finds it unbelievable that she's an Ancient Kurtzpel. +30
    • [Recent News] There are Chasers who found traces of ice magic and chaotic energy at the edge of Kardia Island Shore. +70
    • [Saint Of Bellatos] She understood Great Ascension as a ritual that sent select devout believers to Heaven. +60
    • [Abandoned Ruins] Bellatos army of the Abandoned Ruins is actual combat unit, while Saint Serenity Knights were more closely related to the church. +50
    • [Del Lasa] It was difficult for Bellatos to deal with the Dark Elves as they are aware of their environment and use it to their advantage. +40
  • Lv.3 Close Friend
    • [Recent News] She used to think the source of her power was divine power of Bellatos, but her Karma was already awakened in the past. +70
    • [Personal] She was born in a small island nation, which was led by an archbishop and was full of faith. +60
    • [Saint of Bellatos] The three people she remembered at Karciel Shrine must have been someone important to her. +80
    • [Battle] You can use Sacred Guardian to charge towards your enemies to save your allies and heal them. +20
    • [Mission] The helmet that she used to wear when she was with Bellatos symbolizes her title, 'Saint of Bellatos'. +50
    • [Advice] The basis of all operation for the Chase is missions. The missions on Eltheca's Mission Map should be checked thoroughly. +30
    • [Del Lasa] Dark Elves are Elves who were corrupted by chaos. Shadow Eodel is one of many Dark Elf tribes. +40
  • Lv.4 Trusting
    • [Recent News] It is knight's duty to protect the truth and fight against deception rather than just despairing over their situation. +50
    • [Personal] She was born in a small island nation, which was led by an archbishop and was full of faith. +50
    • [Personal] She thought Bellatos looked like a utopia. She imagined Bell's kingdom would look just like it. +80
    • [Saint of Bellatos] The Great Ascension was just a cruel ritual that extracts divine power of the people involved. +60
    • [Saint of Bellatos] The people's scream of despair, that she always thought was a shout of joy, is what finally opened her eyes. +70
    • [Battle] Sacred Guardian is both the tank and the healer. +20
    • [Mission] Bellatos created Saint Serenity Knights imposters to carry out the Great Ascension. +70
    • [Advice] You need training and experience to properly utilize your Karma. +40
    • [Saint Serenity Knights] When she first met Theo, he was inhumanely large, could barely speak, and harbored great hatred towards humans. +30
    • [Saint Serenity Knights] Lieutenant Baren was the one who took care of everyone and supported everyone from the back. +30
  • Lv.5 Soul Mate
    • [Recent News] She understands that she's done something unforgivable, but will stand strong and move forward, to properly atone for her actions. +50
    • [Recent News] The Chase not only fight against Bellatos, but also remove anything that might be a threat to Erthesia. +20
    • [Personal] She desperately hung on to her faith whenever she found anything suspicious. +80
    • [Personal] Saint Serenity Knights was a reward of sort for her faith, and everything was happy. +60
    • [Saint of Bellatos] Remembering the three people at Karciel Shrine was like remembering something very precious to her, that she didn't remember she forgot. +70
    • [Saint of Bellatos] She still can't help remember the divine flame that shined with the last breath of the devout followers. +80
    • [Battle] Now she's going to place her belief on herself and her allies instead of on Bellatos. +40
    • [Mission] Sir Baren and Theo became stronger than before, so it's difficult for her to deal with both physically and mentally. +30
    • [Mission] She can feel herself becoming more determined as she fight against her own past. +30
    • [Advice] As a KurtzPel and a member of the Chase, she wants to atone for all her actions. +50
    • [Advice] She was surprised by Chaser's devotion to all, as Bellatos is only devoted to their followers. +20
    • [Bellatos] The religion of Great Roose was surprisingly similar to that of Bellatos. +70
    • [Bellatos] There are other knights carrying out the Great Ascension in Bellatos, and they are still active. +50
    • [Saint Serenity Knights] The main objective of Saint Serenity Knights was to inspire the population and spread Bell's doctrine. +40
    • [Saint Serenity Knights] She looked for the other Saint Serenity Knights after Karciel Shrine, but she couldn't find them anywhere. +60

Affinity Achievement Gift

HolyCross.pngHoly Cross150
260050.pngOfficial Chaser Giant Hammer300
HolyArmor.pngHoly Armor500
50060.pngLime's Holy Knight Uniform Headband900
120160.pngLime's Holy Knight Uniform Glove (R)1,300
130180.pngLime's Holy Knight Uniform Glove (L)1,300
260030.pngLime's Roose Holy Knight Giant Hammer1,700
140130.pngLime's Holy Knight Uniform Shoes2,200
260020.pngLime's Giant Hammer2,700
30120.pngLime's Holy Knight Uniform Top Piece3,500
40060.pngLime's Holy Knight Uniform Bottom Piece3,500

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