Lire Eryuell

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Name Lire Eryuell (리르 에류엘)
Role ??
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Lire Eryuell (Korean: 리르 에류엘)




  • Lv.1 Met Before
    • [Recent News] There are many beautiful plants in the Eltheca garden, and I am living my days taking care of them. +30
    • [Recent News] From the past,other elves used to call the Eryuell Island the island for the runaways and hated the elves on the island. +30
    • [Elf from the Runaway Island] Dark Elf bandits called the Shadow Eodels are well known throughout the kingdom as fierce fighters. +70
    • [Elf from the Runaway Island] It's really dangerous to carelessly touch ancient treasure. +70
    • [Battle] Lire's Karma is the wind Karma. It's called the Dance of Wind. +50
  • Lv.2 Friend
    • [Recent News] She has one older brother,but he treats her like a young child. +40
    • [Elf from the Runaway Island] Del Lasa is the only clue to the Essence of Tree of Life. +40
    • [Abandoned Ruins] Some say that the red magical beast in the Abandoned Forest is related to the Kingdom War in the past. +60
    • [Mission] You may be trapped in the past forever if you don't escape from the past in the Temple of Wind. +60
    • [Battle] It's important to maintain distance with the enemy when you are shooting the longbow. +50
    •  ????
  • Lv.3 Close Friend
    • [Recent News] My favorite flower is lily. Just looking at it soothes my feelings. +20
    • [Personal] She has been living a secluded life for long time but couldn't avoid the Purification War ignited by Bellatos. +30
    • [Elf from the Runaway Island] Treasure with very powerful magic sometimes possesses information of where it has been. +60
    • [Abandoned Ruins] The two kingdoms that has started the Kingdom War were once very friendly kingdoms for a very long time in the past. +50
    • [Mission] It doesn't matter what the reason is. Bringing an animal out on to battlefield is just animal cruelty! +40
    • [Advice] Since the ancient times, KurtzPels cherished each other because it was so difficult to meet fellow KurtzPels. +80
    • [Battle] Once the arrow leaves the bow, it will be guided to the target by the wind spirit. +70
  • Lv.4 Trusting
    • [Recent News] In the past, she once joined forces with Chasers in Anti-Bellatos Alliance during the Great Diaster. +20
    • [Recent News] KurtzPels are very close with the natures of Erthesia by birth. +70
    • [Personal] She first met Crim when she was searching the regions of Natular in search of the Essence of Tree of Life. +50
    • [Personal] Everyone in hometown are living in life of fear as the Tree of Life Eidrassil is losing its powers. +30
    • [Elf from Desert's Island] Shadow Eodels were once the members of the Eodel Elves that protected the Tree of Life. +50
    • [Mission] The Shadow Eodels are after Kalien's Magical Legacy in the Cave of Magical Beast. +70
    • [Advice] It is advantageous to switch Karmas during Battle. +70
    • [Battle] If your ally falls in battle and cannot get back up, you must go and resurrect the fallen ally. +50
    • [Battle] Focusing the power for short moment can deal a powerful attack. +50
    • [Eryuell Island] The founders of the Eryuell Island once lived in the continent. +40
  • Lv.5 Soul Mate
    • [Recent News] Her interest in Ancient Kurtzpel grows as she learns more about them. +40
    • [Personal] She had a close friend back at the Island of Origin who always wanted to get out of the island. +40
    • [Personal] She once joined the Anti-Bellatos Alliance in he past but it failed due to the Great Disaster. +30
    • [Elf from Deserter's Island] The Eryuell elves evacuated to the east in order to escape from the great explosion. +30
    • [Elf from Deserter's Island] The person that was with me in the past in the Temple of Wind looked very much like Crim.+40
    • [Mission] The Bellatos that appeared in Del Lasa seem like they have followed the Chasers that were investigating Del Lasa. +80
    • [Mission] From the perspective of the Wind Guardians, we are the intruders of their divine temple. +70
    • [Advice] Fighting against a powerful opponent is challenging but you can master your skills as you gain more experience. +60
    • [Advice] Sharing a Karma feels like an act of unison, a great power combining two Chasers as one. +60
    • [Battle] Longbow is very weak in close range battles. It is smart to switch to Karma suitable for close range battle when an enemy gets close.+60
    • [Battle] Flow is very important for a longbow. Don't rely on strength but calmly aim your shots and shoot one at the time. +60
    • [Eryuell Island] Eryuell Island was called Deserter's Island ever since the ancient elves fled to the island to escape the great explosion. +20
    • [Elf] Elves are not easily sighted since they don't come out from their secluded lands. +50
    • [Elf] Unless an Elf dies from a disease of injury, they can live for hundreds of years. +60

Affinity Achievement Gift



  • Lire Eryuell is based on Lire, a playable character in KoG's previous work Grand Chase.
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