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Lire Eryuell

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This page contained content that existed before the update on January 15th, 2020. As of that update, the content below the page has either been completely removed or altered, and as a result this page is archived and does not reflect the current state of the game.
Lire Eryuell.png
Name Lire Eryuell (리르 에류엘)
Role ??
Location ??
Class ??
Age ??

Lire Eryuell (Korean: 리르 에류엘)




  • Lv.1 Met Before
    • [Recent News] There are many beautiful plants in the Eltheca garden, and I am living my days taking care of them. +30
    • [Recent News] From the past,other elves used to call the Eryuell Island the island for the runaways and hated the elves on the island. +30
    • [Elf from the Runaway Island] Dark Elf bandits called the Shadow Eodels are well known throughout the kingdom as fierce fighters. +70
    • [Elf from the Runaway Island] It's really dangerous to carelessly touch ancient treasure. +70
    • [Battle] Lire's Karma is the wind Karma. It's called the Dance of Wind. +50
  • Lv.2 Friend
    • [Recent News] She has one older brother,but he treats her like a child. +40
    • [Elf from the Runaway Island] Del Lasa is the only clue to the Essence of Tree of Life. +40
    • [Abandoned Ruins] Some say that the red magical beast in the Abandoned Forest is related to the Kingdom War in the past. +60
    • [Mission] You may be trapped in the past forever if you don't escape from the past in the Temple of Wind. +60
    • [Battle] It's important to maintain distance with the enemy when you are shooting the longbow. +50
    •  ????
  • Lv.3 Close Friend
    • [Recent News] My favorite flower is lily. Just looking at it soothes my feelings. +20
    • [Personal] She has been living a secluded life for long time but couldn't avoid the Purification War ignited by Bellatos. +30
    • [Elf from the Runaway Island] Treasure with very powerful magic sometimes possesses information of where it has been. +60
    • [Abandoned Ruins] The two kingdoms that has started the Kingdom War were once very friendly kingdoms for a very long time in the past. +50
    • [Mission] It doesn't matter what the reason is. Bringing an animal out on to battlefield is just animal cruelty! +40
    • [Advice] Since the ancient times, KurtzPels cherished each other because it was so difficult to meet fellow KurtzPels. +80
    • [Battle] Once the arrow leaves the bow, it will be guided to the target by the wind spirit. +70
  • Lv.4 Trusting
    • [Recent News] In the past, she once joined forces with Chasers in Anti-Bellatos Alliance during the Great Disaster. +20
    • [Recent News] KurtzPels are very close with the natures of Erthesia by birth. +70
    • [Personal] She first met Crim when she was searching the regions of Natular in search of the Essence of Tree of Life. +50
    • [Personal] Everyone in hometown are living in life of fear as the Tree of Life Eidrassil is losing its powers. +30
    • [Elf from Desert's Island] Shadow Eodels were once the members of the Eodel Elves that protected the Tree of Life. +50
    • [Mission] The Shadow Eodels are after Kalien's Magical Legacy in the Cave of Magical Beast. +70
    • [Advice] It is advantageous to switch Karmas during Battle. +70
    • [Battle] If your ally falls in battle and cannot get back up, you must go and resurrect the fallen ally. +50
    • [Battle] Focusing the power for short moment can deal a powerful attack. +50
    • [Eryuell Island] The founders of the Eryuell Island once lived in the continent. +40
  • Lv.5 Soul Mate
    • [Recent News] Her interest in Ancient Kurtzpel grows as she learns more about them. +40
    • [Personal] She had a close friend back at the Island of Origin who always wanted to get out of the island. +40
    • [Personal] She once joined the Anti-Bellatos Alliance in he past but it failed due to the Great Disaster. +30
    • [Elf from Deserter's Island] The Eryuell elves evacuated to the east in order to escape from the great explosion. +30
    • [Elf from Deserter's Island] The person that was with me in the past in the Temple of Wind looked very much like Crim.+40
    • [Mission] The Bellatos that appeared in Del Lasa seem like they have followed the Chasers that were investigating Del Lasa. +80
    • [Mission] From the perspective of the Wind Guardians, we are the intruders of their divine temple. +70
    • [Advice] Fighting against a powerful opponent is challenging but you can master your skills as you gain more experience. +60
    • [Advice] Sharing a Karma feels like an act of unison, a great power combining two Chasers as one. +60
    • [Battle] Longbow is very weak in close range battles. It is smart to switch to Karma suitable for close range battle when an enemy gets close.+60
    • [Battle] Flow is very important for a longbow. Don't rely on strength but calmly aim your shots and shoot one at the time. +60
    • [Eryuell Island] Eryuell Island was called Deserter's Island ever since the ancient elves fled to the island to escape the great explosion. +20
    • [Elf] Elves are not easily sighted since they don't come out from their secluded lands. +50
    • [Elf] Unless an Elf dies from a disease of injury, they can live for hundreds of years. +60

Affinity Achievement Gift

1210.pngSalvo Arrows50
1200.pngBinding Arrow150
220010.pngOfficial Chaser Longbow300
1230.pngSpirit Arrow500
1260.pngGreat Archer's Soul700
50000.pngLire's Flower Headband900
120030.pngLire's Eryuell Archer Gloves (R)1,300
130030.pngLire's Eryuell Archer Gloves (L)1,300
220020.pngStorm Rider's Longbow1,700
140020.pngLire's Eryuell Archer Boots2,200
220030.pngLire's Longbow2,700
30030.pngLire's Eryuell Archer Dress3,500



  • Lire Eryuell is based on Lire, a playable character in KoG's previous work Grand Chase.
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