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In the world of Erthesia, Kurtzpel is a "bringer of chaos", a disaster that has been wrought upon the world and is highly feared and hated by the eyes of society.

Ancient KurtzPels, the legendary heroes of the past, were imprisoned inside the Tower of Gods during the Great Change that was caused by an evil deity. However, even after 400 years of their imprisonment, the Ancient KurtzPels’ will lives on through their descendants. They have created a KurtzPel organization called Chase, to prevent the oppressive Holy Bellatos Empire. Now, as the new member of Chase, players must fight against the Bellatos Army and prevent them from spreading their religious dogma.

Ethan Solgard's Story line


Dungeon Start

Diana: *Screams*

Belatos Lancer: This is the sacred base of Bellatos Army. What are you doing in here?

Belatos Lancer: Who... who are you?

Dungeon End

Ethan Solgard: Princess Diana, are you alright?

Diana: Oh! Ethan! It's nice to see you. How long has it been?

Ethan Solgard: Now is not the time for small conversation!

Ethan Solgard: Phew... stay calm...

Ethan Solgard: It's been long, Princess Diana. I'm also very happy to see you again.

Ethan Solgard: However, we're in the middle of Belatos territory. It's not safe for us here, and we must leave.

Diana: But Ethan, this time it's really important!

Ethan Solgard: That's what you always say. This one's important, this one is urgent...

Ethan Solgard: But we are in a very dangerous situation right now. This time, I'll have to cut your adventure short.

Ethan Solgard: Please follow me. We're going back to the palace, immediately.

Diana: ......

Diana: ... I'm sorry.

Ethan Solgard: Excuse me?

Diana: Soldiers!

Diana: In the name of Diana Lumia Benedia, the 1st in line to throne of Benedia Kingdom, I command you to stop!

Ethan Solgard: ......!

Diana: As the Commander of burgeoning ally forces against Belatos, I here by request Ethan Soulguard of Chase.

Diana: Please join me and my men in my search within abandoned ruins.

Ethan Solgard: Your Highness, is this truly necessary?

Diana: Please forgive me, Ethan. But as I said before... this time, it's really important.

Diana: Something dangerous is happening around here.

Diana: Please, will you help me one more time?

Ethan Solgard: ......

Ethan Solgard: Alright. I shall follow your command, Princess Diana.

Ethan Solgard: But once I detect any sign of danger we will withdraw immediately. Do you understand?

Diana: Thank you, Ethan.

Diana: And... it's truly nice to see you again!

Suspicious Awakening

Dungeon End

Ethan Solgard: Your Highness! Are you alright?

Diana: Ah, yes. That was close. I was fortunate that your fellow Chaser was here to help...

Diana: Your name is KurtzPel? Thank you for saving my life.

Ethan Solgard: What are they? I've never seen them before.

Diana: This ancient ruins is known as the Temple of Goddess, built during the Helissia period.

Diana: I think these are the Golems built to guard the Temple of Goddess.

Ethan Solgard: Princess... Did you know that these Golems will awake?

Diana: I really didn't know exactly what to expect.

Diana: But Ethan, something ominous is happening.

Ethan Solgard: Hmmm...

Ethan Solgard: Your Highness, how did you know to search this place?

Diana: Hm? Oh! Ah... well...

Diana: I... had a dream...

Ethan Solgard: Excuse me?

Diana: Ah... I can't say it lest you become angry with me.

Diana: That's right! I saw it in a dream!

Diana: Moonlight shining bright in icy cold night... the symbol of fire fading out... And great darkness engulfing this entire place.

Diana: The darkness started here and started to spread, until eventually, it swallowed up our palace.

Ethan Solgard: You mean... we are doing all this because of a dream?

Diana: But something strange IS happening around here.

Ethan Solgard: Well... yes. This strange enemy is getting stronger as we move in deeper.

Ethan Solgard: Perhaps you have a gift in looking into the future.

Diana: Then... Do you trust my decision?

Ethan Solgard: For now... Let's follow this energy and see if we can find the symbol of fire you saw in your dream.

Ethan Solgard: That will be the most solid proof.

Repeating Tragedy

Dungeon Start

Diana: Over here, Commander Ethan! Quickly!

Ethan Solgard: Is this the symbol that you saw in your dream?

Diana: ??????

Diana: Ahhkkk!

Ethan Solgard: What's this?

Dungeon End

Ethan Solgard: *gasp*... *gasp*... Is it... over?

Diana: It's gone but... I'm not sure if it's dead or not.

Ethan Solgard: KurtzPel! Are you alright? I like your enthusiasm but don't get yourself killed.

Diana: Ah, he's doing that again.

Diana: He means thank you for saving him earlier, KurtzPel. He's just embarrassed.

Ethan Solgard: Umm...! Humph!

Ethan Solgard: Anyway, I wonder what the relationship between the fire symbol and that beast is.

Diana: These symbols look like a summoning circle to bring certain beings into this world.

Diana: That blazing red beast... Surely you heard about it too, Ethan?

Diana: The story of the fearful Red Beast during the Kingdom War.

Ethan Solgard: Ah... yes. I heard something about a great red beast that served a demon... but that was a long time ago.

Diana: We don't have enough information right now, but I can't forget the great darkness in my dreams that spread to swallow our entire ???????

Diana: I think we should investigate some more.

Ethan Solgard: Understood.

Ethan Solgard: I will report this to Chase and look into this matter.

Ethan Solgard: Let's leave this place, for now. You don't know when Belatos army will show up in this region.

Diana: Ethan! Look! The forest! There's a strange shadow over there!

Ethan Solgard: Your Highness... I understand it's been awhile since your last 'adventure'... But enough is enough.

Ethan Solgard: KurtzPel, we will now escort the Princess out of this forest.

Diana: Oh, we're discovered. In that case...!

Diana: In the name of Diana Lumia Benedia, the 1st in line to the throne of Benedia Kingdom, I command you to... *scream*!

Ethan Solgard: Pardon me, Your Highness. I'm going to run at full speed so hold on tight.

Ethan Solgard: KurtzPel, lead the way!

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