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Name Marian Vendor (마리안 벤더)
Role ??
Location ??
Class ??
Age ??

Marian Vendor (Korean: 마리안 벤더)




  • Lv.1 Met Before
    • [Recent News] She is the sorcerer and record Keeping KurtzPel in charge of the Library in Eltheca. +70
    • [Recent News]Magic is the law created from the reversal of the chaotic powers of the El Universe. +30
    • [Mission: Cat's Ear Sorceress] She is very playful and likes to play tricks on others. +30
    • [Mission: Cat's Ear Sorceress] Hmm... I think the trap with hidden Undead inside the cave must be the work of Master Luin. +50
    • [Battle] Her best skill is the powerful magic that deals great splash damage when she is in danger. +70
  • Lv.2 Friend
    • [Recent News] Marian's Karma is the Diabolic Witch. It's the eccentric witch that shakes up Erthesia! +40
    • [Mission: Cat's Ears Sorceress] Undead is when a soul of a dead person become an evil spirit by effects of chaos power. +60
    • [Mission] The golems that guard the Abandoned Ruins will continue to appear as they consider us intruders. +60
    • [Abandoned Ruins] The source of Bellatos Army's power is in their belief. +40
    • [Del Lasa] Relics that are untouched for a very long time possesses memory of that space and time. +50
  • Lv.3 Close Friend
    • [Recent News] Academia is the place that manages and records all the research activities, and also teaches magic +40
    • [Personal] It looks like the Cave of Demonic Beast was the experiment ground of the Ancient Kalien Wizards in their attempt to create the dragon. +60
    • [Fox Eared Wizard] It looks like the Cave of Demonic Beast was the experiment ground of the Ancient Kalien Wizards in their attempt to create the dragon. +60
    • [Advice] Magic may be very powerful but it's not invincible. So you must always watch yourself, and don't use its power recklessly. +50
    • [Mission] The creation of the Ancient Kalien Wizards wouldn't be killed that easily. +40
    • [Del Lasa] Shadow Eodels make their Black Panthers divine and always go into battle with them. +70
    • [Battle] If you keep on going into Knocked Out condition, then your HP recovery time gets longer. So be careful! +60
  • Lv.4 Trusting
    • [Recent News] She usually reads and trains magic by day and likes to drink by night. +40
    • [Personal] Her hobby is collecting Artifacts and is very obsessive about magical equipment. +30
    • [Personal] The Trion Mage Guild was a guild of very powerful wizards and they fought very bravely against Bellatos. +20
    • [Fox Eared Wizard] Luin attempted to reseal the released Giant Demonic Beast but failed, and the beast attacked the village. +20
    • [Advice]Duels between KurtzPel like Probatio goes back to the period of Ancient KurtzPel. +70
    • [Mission] It is an honor to fight against Dark Warlock Luin, who has the direct knowledge of the Ancient Kalien magic and learning from his experience. +50
    • [Battle] Magic is not that advantageous in close range fight so it is important to use teleport skills appropriately. +70
    • [Battle] Magic is more effective against opponents using Great Sword or gauntlet, which have low DEF against magical attacks. +80
    • [KurtzPel] KurtzPel were outsiders who were never welcomed in any period by any race. +60
    • [KurtzPel] Enlightenment brought to the highest level give the KurtzPel power beyond normal beings. +60
  • Lv.5 Soul Mate
    • [Recent News] Karma is the energy core of KurtzPel's battle experience and abilities. +50
    • [Personal] She has been searching for a very long time for a possible surviving member of the Tirion Mage Guild. +20
    • [Personal]All the members of the Tirion Mage Guild were annihilated by the trap created by Bellatos and only Marian was rescued by the Chase. +20
    • [Fox Eared Wizard] Among the ancient Kalien wizards, some were expelled from their guild because they engaged in researching prohibited magic for their own selfish purpose. +60
    • [Fox Eared Wizard] The first Kaliens were beings of chaos and came to Erthesia during the Great War in the ancient times. +40
    • [Advice] Probatio was created to check the ability of each Chaser and assign missions accordingly. +60
    • [Advice] If you meet other Chasers while on a mission, you may get some helpful tips. +60
    • [Mission] The Dark Elves' necromancy is the distorted version of the elves' spirit magic caused by the effects of the power of chaos. +60
    • [Mission] The power of the Undead and the frequency of their appearance can determine how strong the power of chaos is in that region. +70
    • [Battle] You can have more understanding of battle situation when you repeatedly train your skills. +50
    • [Battle] If your ally falls in battle and cannot get back up, then you must go and resurrect the fallen ally. +70
    • [KurtzPel] The Great Sage, who was the first KurtzPel, studied about KurtzPel and invited other KurtzPel to his home. +70
    • [KurtzPel] The research records of the KurtzPel that gathered in the Great Sage's home are kept in the Academia. +50
    • [Kalien] Kalien has reversed the energy of chaos and created the law of order. This is called Magic. +40
    • [Kalien] Kaliens gave up chaos and accepted order. Those Kaliens that did not give up chaos vanished to the lands in the north. +30

Affinity Achievement Gift

1340.pngBlack Hole150
230010.pngOfficial Chaser Staff300
1300.pngIce Wall500
1360.pngDemonic Awakening700
60020.pngMarian's Large Fox Ears900
50010.pngMarian's Flower Headband1,300
110010.pngMarian's Fox Tail1,300
230020.pngViolet Mage's Staff1,700
140030.pngMarian's Clerk Shoes2,200
100000.pngMarian's Wizard Cape2,200
230030.pngMarian's Staff2,700
30040.pngMarian's Clerk Dress3,500



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