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Name Marian Vendor (마리안 벤더)
Role ??
Location ??
Class ??
Age ??

Marian Vendor (Korean: 마리안 벤더)




  • Lv.1 Met Before
    • [Recent News] She is the sorcerer and record Keeping KurtzPel in charge of the Library in Eltheca. +70
    • [Recent News]Magic is the law created from the reversal of the chaotic powers of the El Universe. +30
    • [Mission: Cat's Ear Sorceress] She is very playful and likes to play tricks on others. +30
    • [Mission: Cat's Ear Sorceress] Hmm... I think the trap with hidden Undead inside the cave must be the work of Master Luin. +50
    • [Battle] Her best skill is the powerful magic that deals great splash damage when she is in danger. +70
  • Lv.2 Friend
    • [Recent News] Marian's Karma is the Diabolic Witch. It's the eccentric witch that shakes up Erthesia! +40
    • [Mission: Cat's Ears Sorceress] Undead is when a soul of a dead person become an evil spirit by effects of chaos power. +60
    • [Mission] The golems that guard the Abandoned Ruins will continue to appear as they consider us intruders. +60
    • [Abandoned Ruins] The source of Bellatos Army's power is in their belief. +40
    • [Del Lasa] Relics that are untouched for a very long time possesses memory of that space and time. +50
  • Lv.3 Close Friend
    • [Recent News] Academia is the place that manages and records all the research activities, and also teaches magic +40
    • [Personal] It looks like the Cave of Demonic Beast was the experiment ground of the Ancient Kalien Wizards in their attempt to create the dragon. +60
    • [Fox Eared Wizard] It looks like the Cave of Demonic Beast was the experiment ground of the Ancient Kalien Wizards in their attempt to create the dragon. +60
    • [Advice] Magic may be very powerful but it's not invincible. So you must always watch yourself, and don't use its power recklessly. +50
    • [Mission] The creation of the Ancient Kalien Wizards wouldn't be killed that easily. +40
    • [Del Lasa] Shadow Eodels make their Black Panthers divine and always go into battle with them. +70
    • [Battle] If you keep on going into Knocked Out condition, then your HP recovery time gets longer. So be careful! +60
  • Lv.4 Trusting
    • [Recent News] She usually reads and trains magic by day and likes to drink by night. +40
    • [Personal] Her hobby is collecting Artifacts and is very obsessive about magical equipment. +30
    • [Personal] The Trion Mage Guild was a guild of very powerful wizards and they fought very bravely against Bellatos. +20
    • [Fox Eared Wizard] Luin attempted to reseal the released Giant Demonic Beast but failed, and the beast attacked the village. +20
    • [Advice]Duels between KurtzPel like Probatio goes back to the period of Ancient KurtzPel. +70
    • [Mission] It is an honor to fight against Dark Warlock Luin, who has the direct knowledge of the Ancient Kalien magic and learning from his experience. +50
    • [Battle] Magic is not that advantageous in close range fight so it is important to use teleport skills appropriately. +70
    • [Battle] Magic is more effective against opponents using Great Sword or gauntlet, which have low DEF against magical attacks. +80
    • [KurtzPel] KurtzPel were outsiders who were never welcomed in any period by any race. +60
    • [KurtzPel] Enlightenment brought to the highest level give the KurtzPel power beyond normal beings. +60
  • Lv.5 Soul Mate
    • [Recent News] Karma is the energy core of KurtzPel's battle experience and abilities. +50
    • [Personal] She has been searching for a very long time for a possible surviving member of the Tirion Mage Guild. +20
    • [Personal]All the members of the Tirion Mage Guild were annihilated by the trap created by Bellatos and only Marian was rescued by the Chase. +20
    • [Fox Eared Wizard] Among the ancient Kalien wizards, some were expelled from their guild because they engaged in researching prohibited magic for their own selfish purpose. +60
    • [Fox Eared Wizard] The first Kaliens were beings of chaos and came to Erthesia during the Great War in the ancient times. +40
    • [Advice] Probatio was created to check the ability of each Chaser and assign missions accordingly. +60
    • [Advice] If you meet other Chasers while on a mission, you may get some helpful tips. +60
    • [Mission] The Dark Elves' necromancy is the distorted version of the elves' spirit magic caused by the effects of the power of chaos. +60
    • [Mission] The power of the Undead and the frequency of their appearance can determine how strong the power of chaos is in that region. +70
    • [Battle] You can have more understanding of battle situation when you repeatedly train your skills. +50
    • [Battle] If your ally falls in battle and cannot get back up, then you must go and resurrect the fallen ally. +70
    • [KurtzPel] The Great Sage, who was the first KurtzPel, studied about KurtzPel and invited other KurtzPel to his home. +70
    • [KurtzPel] The research records of the KurtzPel that gathered in the Great Sage's home are kept in the Academia. +50
    • [Kalien] Kalien has reversed the energy of chaos and created the law of order. This is called Magic. +40
    • [Kalien] Kaliens gave up chaos and accepted order. Those Kaliens that did not give up chaos vanished to the lands in the north. +30

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