Sacred Guardian

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LogoIcon.png   Sacred Guardian   LogoIcon.png
Weapon: Giant Hammer
NPC: Lime Serenity
Magic ATK: Rating2.png
Physical DEF: Rating4.png
Magic DEF: Rating5.png
Spell Endurance: Rating5.png
Action Speed: Rating3.png
Endurance Break: Rating5.png

Sacred Guardian Karma



Basic Combos

Combo Description Video
Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png   Basic Attack
Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Rightclick.png  Jump.png   Lift & Smash
Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Stop.png  Leftclickhold.png   Multi-Swing
Rightclickhold.png  Stop.png   Charge Attack I
Rightclickhold.png  Stop.png  Rightclick.png   Charge Attack II
Rightclickhold.png  Stop.png  Rightclick.png  Rightclick.png   Charge Attack III
Rightclickhold.png  Leftclick.png   Charge Attack III (Special)
Rightclickhold.png  Stop.png  Rightclick.png  Rightclick.png  Rightclick.png   Charge Attack IV
Wasd.png  Wasd.png  Leftclick.png  Jump.png   Rush Attack
Jump.png  Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png   Jump Attack
Jump.png  Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png   Jump Attack (Additional)
Wasd.png  Wasd.png  Rightclick.png   High Jump
Wasd.png  Wasd.png  Rightclick.png  Rightclick.png   High Jump Attack
Wasd.png  Wasd.png   Rush

Advanced Combos

Combo Description Video


Unique Karma Crystal (Q)

Name Description Level Effect Obtain Video
DivineHammer.png Ultimate Hammer Smash down on a targeting area with the holy hammer. Deals continuous damage in the surrounding area with the holy hammer. ★★ Damage increase

★★★ Damage, duration increase

Reward from Saint of Bellatos 1
Faith.png Faith Instantly revive your ally with unwavering faith. Form an aura that that heals allies while damaging enemies within range for a certain duration. ★★ Aura size increase

★★★ Aura size increase, Duration increase

Affinity gift from Lime Serenity

Karma Crystals (E,R,F)

Name Description Level Effect Obtain Video
HammerQuake.png Hammer Smash Smash the ground with the giant hammer to slow down and pull in the target. ★★ Additional stun hit

★★★ Additional stun hit, Press the skill key again to adjust direction of last strike

Reward from Saint of Bellatos 1
GiganticSwing.png Gigantic Swing Swing the giant hammer to fling the enemy across the field. When the target impacts the wall, they will be stunned. ★★ Damage, Stun duration increase

★★★ Damage, Stun duration increase

Reward from Saint of Bellatos 2
HolyWar.png Crusade Charge ahead to push back and stun the target. ★★ Charge distance increase

★★★ Charge distance increase, Stun hit by pressing the skill key again

Reward from Saint of Bellatos 3
GodHands.png Sanctuary Cast a healing magic that affects the targeted area 3 sec. after casting. You must be in the target area in order to receive the effect. ★★ Heal range increase

★★★ Heal range increase

Affinity Gift from Lime Serenity
HolyCross.png Holy Cross Drop the holy hammer in a targeted area. ★★ Additional Current effect

★★★ Additional Current effect duration increase

Affinity Gift from Lime Serenity
HolyArmor.png Holy Armor Summon a shield that blocks enemy projectiles and increase defense. ★★ Defense increase

★★★ Defense increase

Affinity Gift from Lime Serenity

Passive Skill

Name Description Obtain
PassiveSkill GH 03.png Noble Sacrifice When your HP is below 10%, your magical defense will increase by 10% 3 star proficiency with Sacred Guardian
PassiveSkill GH 02.png Runimate When using a skill, increase your stamina recovery by 50% for 3 seconds. 2 star proficiency with Sacred Guardian
PassiveSkill GH 01.png Firm Belief STR and INT is increased by 10%. Reward from Saint of Bellatos 1



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