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Sword Talaimh

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Great Sword Karma

Sword Talaimh is a Karma that focuses on a defensive melee fighting style. The main weapon for Sword Talaimh is great sword.

Uses strong break skills to create attack opportunity for allies.

Breakers focus on interrupting enemies attack.

They have comparably weak ATK but have higher DEF.

Physical ATK 2/5

Physical DEF 5/5

Magic DEF 4/5

Action Endurance 5/5

Action Speed 3/5

Endurance Break 5/5


Basic Combos

Combo Description Video
Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png   Basic Attack [Youtube]
Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Stop.png  Leftclickhold.png  Stop.png   Spin Attack [Youtube]
Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Rightclick.png  Jump.png   Lift & Smash [Youtube]
Leftclick.png  Rightclick.png  Rightclick.png  Rightclick.png   Smash [Youtube]
Wasd.png  Wasd.png  Leftclick.png  Jump.png   Rush Attack
Jump.png   Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png   Air Attack
Rightclickhold.png  Stop.png   Special Attack [Youtube]
Rightclickhold.png  Stop.png  Rightclickhold.png  Stop.png   Special Attack (Destroy) [Youtube]
Rightclickhold.png  Rightclickhold.png  Wasd.png  Wasd.png   Special Combo EX + Dash

Advanced Combos

Combo Description Video
Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Rightclick.png  Jump.png  Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png   Basic Combo Attack
Wasd.png  +  Wasdh.png  Stop.png  Leftclick.png  Jump.png  Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png   Ambush Combo Attack
Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Stop.png  Leftclickhold.png  Avoid.png  Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Rightclick.png  Jump.png   Combo attack with long hit duration
Rightclickhold.png  Stop.png  Leftclick.png  Rightclick.png  Rightclick.png  Rightclick.png   Combo attack to enemy with high Endurance
Rightclickhold.png  Stop.png  Rightclickhold.png  Rightclickhold.png  +  Wasd.png  Wasd.png   Powerful Combo attack to enemy with high Endurance.
Leftclick.png  Rightclick.png   → Jump.png   Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png   → Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Rightclickhold.png   → Avoid.png   Leftclick.png   → Leftclick.png  Rightclick.png   → Jump.png   Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png  Leftclick.png   [Youtube]


Unique Karma Crystal (Q)

Description Video
STUK1.png Raging Strike

Smashes down on the target with the power of great rage.

Level Effect: Increase attack range and damage. (Activates Raging Strike with additional attacks while skill is in use.)

STUK2.png Infinite Blade

Generates giant black energy blade and slashes the enemy with it. Damage area and damage is increased for certain duration.

Level Effect: Increases duration. (Activates Lift & Smash with additional attacks while skill is in use.)

Karma Crystals (E,R,F)

Description Video
ST1.png Surface Destruction

Smashes the front and causes the ground around the target to explode.

Level Effect: Lifts the target in the air. (Activates Surface Destruction with additional attacks while skill is in use.)

ST2.png Identity

Endurance and Movement Speed is increased for a certain period.

Level Effect: Increases duration and hit target when activated.

ST3.png Stun Hit

Smashes down and the enemy and stuns the target.

Level Effect: Increases stun duration. (Activates Stun Hit with additional attacks while skills is in use.)

ST4.png Fragment Hit

Breaks the ground surface and blows out the fragments in front direction.

Level Effect: Increase attack range and number of hits.

ST5.png Storm Slash

Swings the great sword rapidly and engages continuous attack in wide area.

Level Effect: Can move while using the skill, and increase attack count.

ST6.png Leap

Leaps into air and lands on the target area, and engages powerful area attack.

Level Effect: Increase damage area and leap distance.

Passive Skill

STP1.png Unswerving Determination

Physical DEF and Magic Resistance is increase by 2 for 30 seconds after killing the enemy.

STP2.png Ultimate Resistance

Physical Def is increased by 2 when character's HP is below 30%.

STP3.png Like the Land

Increase Strength and Stamina by 10%.



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