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Temple of Wind

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LogoIcon.png   Temple of Wind   LogoIcon.png
Type: Conquest
Official Probatio:▪ E Rank: 133 AP, 221 CP
▪ A Rank: 215 AP, 356 CP
180090.png Karma Essence (20%)
180280.png Energy of Harmony (80%)
180390.png Probatio Mark (30%)
Practice Probatio:133AP ▪ 221CP
180090.png Karma Essence (20%)
180280.png Energy of Harmony (80%)
180390.png Probatio Mark (30%)
Ranking Match




Official Probatio (2v2)

Win a Match

Official Probatio that determines Chasers' Ranks. Matches will be 2v2 and the results will affect your rank.

Practice Probatio (3v3)

Win a Match

Practice Probatio that does not determine Chasers' Ranks. Matches will be 3 vs 3 and the results will not affect your rank.

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