As of 24th February 2020 we still have not recieved anything regarding the Partner Program. However as we have invested so much effort on the wiki we will once again update it albeit only during our free time..

To Do

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Here are things that are missing from the wiki.


If you would like to help out with translations, please join our Discord -


  • French translations on Item Pages are 80% complete. The "Acquired" sections still need to be translated, e.g. "Loot from Advanced Supply Box".
  • French translations are still needed on NPC pages, Dungeon pages, and Supply Box pages.
  • French translations are needed for Karma pages, Karma Crystal pages, and DLC articles.

Português do Brasil

  • Translations on Item Pages are 95% complete. Some "Acquired" text needs to be translated.
  • Translations are still needed on most articles like NPC pages, Supply Box pages, etc.

Base Stats on gear that is missing