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Winter is Coming (2019)

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The Winter is Coming (2019) was an event on Kurtzpel that celebrates the upcoming Winter season.

The event will run between 2019.11.20 (After Maintenance) ~ 2019.12.04 (Before Maintenance)


Event Details

  • During the event period, gain ‘Winter is Coming’ synthesis item at a 100% chance whenever playing PvP and PvE missions. (Receive Twig for PvP and Yarn for PvE)
  • You can synthesize ‘Winter is Coming’ accessories with the materials you gain during the event.
Material Reward
180002.png Yarn x 30 180004.png Warm Scarf x 1
180003.png Twig x 30 180005.png Firewood x 1
180002.png Yarn x 15, 180003.png Twig x 15 180006.png Winter Preparation Delivery Box x1